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Jon P. Inghram
5th March 2003, 15:54
Anyone here using cable telephone? Cox Cable here in Wichita is supposed to start offering it next month from what I hear, and it's WAY cheaper than SWB.

Moved it from General Hardware/Software, figured it wasn't computer related enough :)

5th March 2003, 15:57
I used it for a while, before I just decided to forget my land line alltogether and went wireless.
It worked fine, but I did notice a little crosstalk, and could occasionally hear voices and/or radio stations off in the distance.

Jon P. Inghram
5th March 2003, 15:59
Ok, I'll keep that in mind. We were going to just go wireless too, until we heard about them getting ready to start that up here in town.

6th March 2003, 04:35
Yeah, the multiple-service-over-broadband services are pretty decent. VERY cheap, but as Kruzin said there IS crosstalk. Great if you're a voyeur, but irritating as hell if you like private calls. ;)

Plus as he said (and as I discovered a few years back) if you're in a big enough city that they offer those services, you're also in a big enough city that digital cellular sounds as good as a land line. And is WAY cheaper. ;)

- Gurm

6th March 2003, 05:16
It is really convenient, well b/c you get everything over one line, ya know...a bit annoying on cross talk and all that stuff, but overall a pretty good deal considdering the price. wireless is cool and as one salesman put it to me "The wave of the future!" (I left very soon there after :) )


6th March 2003, 06:44
I guess it is not Voice Over IP then to hear crosstalk.

6th March 2003, 09:51
Hmm, I haven't had any experience with this tech. However, I'm <B>damn</B> sure that I'd rather have AT&T Wireless's tech support talking to me, rather than Comcast's.

Dr Mordrid
6th March 2003, 11:32
We have cable phones, but it's not VoIP.....just multiplexed over the cable line with the TV and internet service. There is a daughtercard in our outside box that splits off the phone for separate routing.

Dr. Mordrid

Jon P. Inghram
6th March 2003, 11:48
It's gonna be VoIP here, so the crossover problem shouldn't be a problem.

6th March 2003, 11:58
Originally posted by Jon P. Inghram
It's gonna be VoIP here, so the crossover problem shouldn't be a problem. Does your cable provider already oversell their service? Dropped packets and lag would really suck on the phone.

Jon P. Inghram
6th March 2003, 12:58
It's on it's own "channel", like digital cable TV isn't effected by internet problems.

6th March 2003, 14:28
Yeah, digital cable has its own host of problems.

You're still not making me feel any better about this....

6th March 2003, 14:58
I have had digital cable here (NTL) for a couple of years..... No problems here - yet..... its a bit cheaper than coper phones & broadband & satelite- where you can get it - in Northern Ireland......

Get some of the SKY channels, cheap phone & broadband.....


6th March 2003, 18:59
Well, let's put it this way...

My land-line never has "outages".

Cable and Cable Modems have "outages".

Do you really want your phone to go down because some ****nut messed up the routing?

- Gurm

Jon P. Inghram
7th March 2003, 10:09
Cable outages? Never happens! :p That's a good point though. If we follow Oklahoma Cities price plan, it'll be about $18 dollars a month. We've got a cell phone that's not activated, we'll see if there's any services that can get close to that.

7th March 2003, 10:22
Yep. Sadly, around here the cable goes out on a regular basis. So do cable modems (when available). My parents cable modem goes out EVERY DAY for at least a few minutes.

I need a more reliable phone line than that, thanks.

- Gurm