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2nd March 2003, 12:45
Yes, indeed. Your thoughts on the movie. Did you like it? Do you know what it all means?? Hehe, I won't give out my thoughts yet, I just want to see what other people say. And if you haven't seen it.....you should be stoned to death. ;)

2nd March 2003, 12:55
The website tried to be cool, but kinda missed. I hear the movie is not even as good as that.

2nd March 2003, 13:01
You heard wrong.

2nd March 2003, 13:08
It's a good movie, I just watched it last thursday. It's a movie that lets you wondering from start to finish.

2nd March 2003, 13:17
Never eard of it.

2nd March 2003, 14:05
it's pretty well done from the point of view of creating a movie with a 'special' atmosphere as they did.

I didn't like it particularly for the story, and the ending sucked.

2nd March 2003, 14:24
The rabbit is nice, some other parts are nice. The theme song is great. Other than that a bit above average.

2nd March 2003, 20:33
Heh, I am surprised no one knows much about the movie.

Ok, let me explain a bit about it. A lot of it is explained in the book in the movie, "The Philosophy of Time Travel," by Roberta Sparrow. The movie is all about time travel and the 4th dimension. The book talks about a Living Receiver, the Manipulated Dead, Manipulated Living, etc..

The book explains that Donnie is what is known as a Living Receiver, chosen seemingly randomly, and that he has special 4th Dimensional powers (Those of increased strength (remember the axe in the Mongrel's bronze head?), supposed Mind Control (I'm not sure), telekinesis (moving things with the mind, which he uses to open the portal and send the engine back), and the power to conjure Fire and Water (The flooding and the burning of Jim Cunningham's house)). He uses these powers (some are very subtle in the movie) to basically save the universe.

What happens is that there is a rift in the 4th dimension. Where this rift comes from is questionable. Is it an act of God, does it just happen, etc? We don't know. All we know is that it happens, and that's where the engine comes from.

So now comes Frank (the rabbit). Frank is the Manipulated Dead (he has died, he has a bullet in his eye), who knows pretty much everything (cause he went through it all) and comes back in time to try to fix things and guide Donnie to repair this rift in the 4th dimension. He creates a Tangent Universe by waking up Donnie (Tangent Universe meaning that it is not the Primary Universe, it is a parallel universe not meant to exist). In fact, the whole movie is about the Tangent Universe, not the Primary Universe.

Now, Donnie is the hero in this story. Frank "saves" Donnie's life so Donnie can send the artifact (the fallen engine) back into the primary universe to fix the rip in the 4th dimension. If Donnie dies in the Tangent Universe, then the Tangent Universe is destroyed because of the rupture in the 4th dimension (the worm hole at the end, the sky opens up, etc) and the fact that Donnie cannot send the engine back to the primary universe. If the 4th dimension and the Tangent Universe are destroyed, then the Primary Universe is destroyed as well.

So why does Donnie have to send the engine back in time to the Primary Universe? To correct things. He was meant to die on October 2nd, 1988, when the movie begins, but Frank has changed this so he can fix the rupture in the 4th dimension. So Donnie has a choice. He accepts his fate and sends the engine back to the primary universe, saving everyone and repairing the rift in the 4th Dimension (but killing himself), or he decides not to do this, and everything is destroyed. The only thing left is him and Frank (remember the quote, we are all alone when we die and where Donnie says "I have to obey him...or I'll be all alone...").

Some have also argued that Gretchen is one of the Manipulated Dead, but I don't believe that. The rest of the people around him are Manipulated Living, and are more responsible for being barriers in his journey. Frank pretty much knows exactly what's going to happen, and since he's a Manipulated Dead, he's able to travel through time to save Donnie's life so he can fix the paradox. The whole reason the engine fell in the first place was a "glitch" in the universe. This was caused by a Tangent Universe that was created. It is said in the book that Time is a stable construct, but is not impenetrable, and that incidents can occur that create Tangent Universes.

Anyway, it's all way out there for sure, and most people will never get any of that without doing a little research. I haven't even touched on everything, but that's a little summary for those who don't understand the movie. Hehe....discuss.

3rd March 2003, 06:26
Sounds like someone was smoking something fierce when they wrote the book/movie.

I thought the movie was interesting, but didn't do a great job of conveying all the afore mentioned hubbub. THe ending did suck, though I did kind of pick out why that happened.


3rd March 2003, 06:36
Jammrok's right, BuddMan explanation of the film is beoynd weird....

3rd March 2003, 07:16
If you understood the movie, you'd know the ending is.....well, it has to happen. He laughs at the end because he knows that he has to die to save it all. He's enlightened, he has saved the universe. It's wierd, but that's what it is really about. If you ever listen to the director's comments about the movie, he talks about all of it.

3rd March 2003, 07:33
You don't have to not understand the movie to agree that the ending sucked.

3rd March 2003, 07:35
No, you have to understand the movie to know that the ending did not suck. What sucked about it? No one has said specifically what sucked about it, I mean come on. If you're gonna comment about the movie at least make half-intelligent remarks about it...

3rd March 2003, 11:23
I tought the ending was pretty good.

3rd March 2003, 17:57
I was a little confused about the movie, but your expaination answers so many of the questions, and I am supprised I didn't see some of this when I saw it. I'm definately buying a DVD (instead of keeping the, er, backup copy I watched on someone elses my computer)

3rd March 2003, 18:42
Yeah, the DVD is definately worth it ($10 at BestBuy :D). It actually has the whole book, "The Philosophy of Time Travel," on it to where you can read each page (very cool), and some of the deleted scenes help explain what I posted. I had no clue about it at all either the first time I saw it. It was until I read the book that it made a little sense.

Dr Mordrid
4th March 2003, 18:50
I think it's an excellent story on how actually accessing a multiverse could ruin your whole day :D

Dr. Mordrid

4th March 2003, 19:25
I don't see why so many people down this movie just because you don't see what it "really" is about when you first watch it. It's like in Pulp Fiction; you have no clue that Marsalis (or however you spell his name) is selling his soul to the devil, and that his soul is what's in the suitcase. The guys that John Travolta and Samuel Jackson go to meet at the beginning of the movie were supposed to deliver Marsalis's soul to the devil, but they didn't and decided to keep it. That's why Marsalis wants it back so he can personally deliever it to the devil (that bandade on the back of his neck is where his soul was sucked out). Anyway, I rate Donnie Darko as one of my top 5 favorites, right up there with Pulp Fiction, cause it's just one of those movies that makes you think....and think....and think.....

5th March 2003, 00:24
It excites the imagination.

5th March 2003, 07:36
Wow....no one had anything else to say but that they liked it or they didn't like it. Yeah, great discussion. :rolleyes:

5th March 2003, 07:55
Well, I am kinda neutral. Then again, I've never ever even heard about this movie b4.

5th March 2003, 09:23
Yeah, I understand that not too many people have seen it. It's the ones who said they did see it. I mean, if you say you like or don't like the movie, at least give a reason as to why. That's what a discussion is. Oh well, guess it was just too much for the Murcs...