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1st March 2003, 05:25
This fall/winter is REALLY starting to get to me.

First I have "The Mystery Illness" all fall.

Then just before Christmas Logan, Julie and I all get the double-whammy of a sinus infection AND the Norwalk Virus.

So there I am, feeling pretty good from day to day finally... gotten used to the persistent eye-floaties and all.

Then a week ago my ears start ringing. Bleh. I chalk it up to a cold... not the first time I've had a couple days of bad ringing - had tinnitus since I was a kid after all.

Nope. 5 days later I finally go see a doctor, since my head feels like it's gonna ex-****ing-plode.

Well, my ears aren't infected... MUCH. What is infected is EVERYTHING ELSE from the top of my head to the bottom of my throat. Nose, sinuses, throat, probably eye sockets, and the fluid in my ears that built up as a result is what's making the incessant ringing.

So now I'm on Bioxin. 2 a day for 5 days. Hideous stuff. Makes you queasy and puts a disgusting taste in your mouth.

There's nothing in the world like being HUNGRY... so hungry that your stomach is in knots... and not being able to even LOOK at food. Bleh.

Coffee shall sustain me. In the meantime, Julie informs me that after the ears clear up it could take up to a WEEK for the ringing to subside. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

- Gurm

2nd March 2003, 05:03
And to add injury to insult...

Last night we were sort of wrestling in the kitchen (not the BEST place, I know) and I slipped... cracked my head open on the counter. Or maybe it was the cabinet door. Not really sure since blood was spurting EVERYWHERE.

12 stitches and several hours in the "emergency" room later...

Why do they call it the "emergency room" if nothing is treated like an emergency? I mean, there's an old lady there accepting patients. She's dealing with an even OLDER lady who simply "hasn't been feeling like herself".

For half an hour.

Meantime, I'm standing there BLEEDING PROFUSELY on their carpet from a HEAD WOUND.


- Gurm

2nd March 2003, 05:28
Gurm, better put that weapon by your head down - with your recent luck it may fire sooner or later :D

2nd March 2003, 15:36
Yeah no shit. I'm karmically cursed.

- Gurm

2nd March 2003, 18:56
I'm surprised there aren't more homicides upon the moronic women who are supposed to admit people to the ER. I had to call the on-call physician myself from the phone in the ER waiting room when I had an eye injury. They had kept me waiting there in severe pain for over an hour. My anger at the stupid bitch was, let's say, noticable.

2nd March 2003, 20:56
Last night we were sort of wrestling in the kitchen

Gurm participating in a sport!!!!! :eek: :confused:

I knew it, Gurm is a closet WWA fan :D :D :D :D

3rd March 2003, 06:31

Yeah, last time I had to go to the emergency room it was a mishap between me and a razor blade doing case modifications back in 1997...

Cut my finger to the bone. Severed the damn thing nearly off, and I'm sitting there TWO HOURS waiting for a doc. Once I saw him, the stitching was over in like 10 minutes. bleh.

- Gurm

3rd March 2003, 06:39
emergency rooms seems to be there to make sure that no emergencies reach a doctor :p

3rd March 2003, 13:14
I just "LOVE" emergency rooms...The second to last time that I was there my mom had broken her leg...upon having finished signing her in they asked her to "please step over to the waiting area." :rolleyes:

Hope you feel better Gurm


3rd March 2003, 13:27
Sorry about your string of bad health. Hope you and your family start having better health. Get well soon.

Brian R.
3rd March 2003, 14:18
There's alot of this going around. The past year was a pisser for me also.

3rd March 2003, 18:53
Thanks. ;)

- Gurm

3rd March 2003, 19:53
Hideous stuff. Makes you queasy and puts a disgusting taste in your mouth.

Must --- resist --- comic reply. Must --- try.

Oh, Oh, wifes coming into room, gotta go.:p

4th March 2003, 05:25
No, not THAT stuff! THAT stuff is yummy. It tastes like tapioca. HONEST! At least, that's what I keep telling Julie.

- Gurm

4th March 2003, 06:03

5th March 2003, 05:46
What, you mean that's... unethical?

- Gurm

5th March 2003, 05:54
Not that it's been working, mind you...

- Gurm

5th March 2003, 13:34

Well, took Julie and Logan to the doctor's yesterday. Julie, she of the chronic ear infections, has managed to avoid the ear infection and sinus infection entirely, but has a nasty chest cold and clogged sinuses, so the ear infection can't be far off.

Logan has a massive ear infection, full of fluid. He probably can't hear a damn thing, and is cranky as all get out because of the pain. Poor kid! We're trying to make him as comfortable as possible while his antibiotics kick in.

Ringing in my ears is... better than it was a few days ago but not anywhere near tolerable yet, although there are brief periods of tolerability, usually before noontime each day. My sinuses still hurt, although again before noon they tend to be a bit better. I don't know what this is that I have, but it seems resistant as all get out - I've been on biaxin (big antibiotics), antihistamines, decongestants, and nasal steroids round the clock for almost a week now. :(

- Gurm

Brian R.
5th March 2003, 14:01
Have you tried Dristan Nasal Spray? It may help drain your sinuses...

Works for me

Sorry your head is so bad

5th March 2003, 15:28
He's already on tons of stuff.

5th March 2003, 15:34
Well I'm glad you got yourself to the doctor finally... made me feel like your mother nagging on you to do so (ok, ok... so I'm exaggerating). Had NO idea you had to go to the damn ER!

5th March 2003, 15:51
hope you feel better !!!!!

5th March 2003, 15:56
If you are looking for sympathy, you got it.
It truly sucks to be you. :(
Hope things get better.

Could be worse, you could be me :)

6th March 2003, 04:38
Brian R.,

Actually I contemplated that. Dristan and/or Afrin are VERY effective for me, moreso than anything else over the years. However, they're also VERY addictive... meaning that after even the FIRST use, when it wears off your sinuses are MORE swollen than before.

Hence, it is NOT recommended when you have an infection. Thanks for the suggestion though. Used it to get a good night's sleep a week ago before I was diagnosed. ;)

- Gurm

11th March 2003, 04:36

Well, Julie DIDN'T manage to escape the ear infections. Friday, after being grounded Thursday by the freak snowstorm in this area, we all went off to the doctor.

I got my stitches out - yay I look almost human again.

Julie has a raging ear/sinus/chest infection. Boo! She's now on PRESCRIPTION decongestants, and an antibiotic called "Augmentin". Oh dear.

Mini-rant: Generic Drugs. I know they're supposed to be just as good, and I know our pharmacist at CVS - a capital fellow - would never do anything to hurt us. HOWEVER... Julie was prescribed Entex and Augmentin. She GOT Guaifenex 600/120 and Amox CLV TK blah blah... instead. Are they the same thing? Dunno. *sigh* but when LOGAN was prescribed Augmentin, he got Augmentin. Maybe the generic stuff doesn't come in a liquid suspension?

At any rate, Logan is still on antibiotics and cough/decongestant stuff. I'm done with the antibiotics, my head no longer feels like it will explode, but my ears are still ringing, aching, and popping at bizarre times. The doctor says there's just still a little fluid in there. That's fine, but I'd like to know what can be done to get rid of it, other than round-the-clock sudafed?


In other news, I'm still jobless (although there are a few things to apply for, finally) but my PHP/MySQL programming skills are coming right along.

- Gurm