View Full Version : Council pays fine over deaths of children

27th February 2003, 10:38

Seems a bit silly as how the hell does someone in an office no that some dumb Teacher is going to take children river walking in heavy rain when the river is already in flood. Shouldn't the teachers concerned be paying this???

Dr Mordrid
27th February 2003, 11:37
Sounds about as stupid as the teachers here who are telling children whose parents are in US reserve units being called to Iraq that their parents are "immoral" and "unethical" by following their callup orders :rolleyes:

IMHO that borders on emotional child abuse.

Dr. Mordrid

27th February 2003, 14:56
or the ones that tell their students that people who smoke are horrible people and do not care about them. I use to work with someone who had that happen to them.

27th February 2003, 22:39
B - 5.25" 1.2MB Floppy :eek:

Do you use it?

28th February 2003, 00:05
Does seem that common sense is lacking in law at times. Thats a massive understatement.

28th February 2003, 08:02
Originally posted by Paddy [MU]

Do you use it?

Hehe. No, but I was able to make sure it works but this is with Windows 98. The lawyer my mother works for was getting rid of some old computers less than half a year ago as well as various junk that had buit up over the years. I helped them clear it out and for my minor trouble I got to strip the computers they were getting rid of. Unfortunately they were 486s and 386s but I got a dozen or so backplate covers, five ISA network cards, 5 ISA video cards, and the 5.25" FLoppy Drive. I gave most of the ISA cards to a school but kept two of each, kept the drive, and the backplate covers.

I kept it just in case and I don't feel like paying $5 even for one.

I get the old Matrox cards from the school as they would just throw them away anyway. I got three Millenium IIs that way.

Dr Mordrid
28th February 2003, 21:19
Can go you one better:

Downstairs I have a dual 8" floppy (1.2 mb DSDD) and tape drive scavanged from an old CAT scanner :D

Dr. Mordrid