View Full Version : Yet more Trains to go.

25th February 2003, 10:24

Yeh but don't use your car. What they expect you to do? Grow wings?

25th February 2003, 10:58
20 more to fly to London than to take the train now... That get's you closer to the city center too.

25th February 2003, 11:14
I'd rather fly.. I hate trains...

25th February 2003, 13:06
Too scared to fly nowadays so thats out unless someone knocks me out.
Can imagine an interview with the dole office.
Why did your employer terminate your contract.
The Train company canceled the train.
Mmm could you use alternative transport like a bus.
Err no theres no bus services.
How about a car.
By the time I've paid the congestion charges it's not worth me turning up. Plus the time stuck in traffic leaves with four hours sleep each day.
Well couldn't you move??
Couldn't get a morgage unless I bought a garden hut.
Well sir I'm afraid it's your fault so you can't get any benifit.

25th February 2003, 13:26
So why does this not deter immigration? I think the government needs to use more drastic measures.

25th February 2003, 14:53
The bus service here has been worse than dire recentley; our council came up with the wonderul idea of subsidising little brats using the buses, i.e. they can go anywhere or 10p. The council then give the bus company the remainder to make up what would have been the full fair. Which means that now where there used to be one fairly empty bus, there are now two jam packed full of screaming brats, meaning that those of us who usually use it, and pay considerably more can't get on either of the buses. And this encourages us to use them? </rant>

26th February 2003, 00:13
Originally posted by KvHagedorn
So why does this not deter immigration? I think the government needs to use more drastic measures.

Cos they're entitled to benefit according to the latest law ruling as it against their human rights not to have it. The Government is now appealing.
Now if the Government looses every sixteen to seventeen year old and self employed person should appeal.
Anyway Scotland is appealing for people as the population is falling. Anyone welcome.