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22nd February 2003, 14:08
Ok, so there is this song that is singing in my brain since a lot of years, but no one who I sing it knows it.
And, one day I find Tom Jones on MTV singing it :eek:

A few seconds to discover who is the real author and a few minutes to download Ram Jam - Black Betty from Kazaa.

Woah! That song rocks :D
So, any suggestion for other Ram Jam's songs to download? :)

22nd February 2003, 14:25
I coulda told you that....
I've got the full length version of Black betty by Ram Jam!!

23rd February 2003, 17:54
no no no... Jammrock, not Ram Jam.

24th February 2003, 03:32
Could've told ya too (guess anyone older than 30 could ;) )

Black Betty was a typical one-hit-wonder, no need to get other RamJam's