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20th February 2003, 04:16
The MURC homepage has no link to the Lounge forum. The link to TSB is still present. Just so you know.

25th February 2003, 19:31

26th February 2003, 00:27
Also news has gone back to it's basically deceased state of affairs.

7th March 2003, 08:23
bump again....please fix when you have the time Ant

7th March 2003, 09:06
Regarding the Front Page why not install a /. type script like phpnuke or geeklog so that we as users can submit stories and news. Then a moderator can simply post the news after reviewing it. There may not be a lot of Matrox related news so some other news can be posted relating to graphics of course.

There is a well rounded community in the forums why not take advantage of it :)

7th March 2003, 09:20
efty things are about to happen, well when script monkey has a few hours to spare ;)

8th March 2003, 01:59
Yes, evil job must leave me alone long enough

8th March 2003, 03:23
Any idea what you will be using?

8th March 2003, 03:25
umm, yes, know what I'll be using :D

8th March 2003, 03:29
erm want to elaborate on that? :D

8th March 2003, 03:35
umm not yet... but soon(tm) :D

8th March 2003, 03:39
Come on, there is no NDA here so just spill the beans.

8th March 2003, 03:55
Not until I get a few more things sorted first.
Don't like to dash hopes

9th March 2003, 18:38
Hey boss, think you can loosen this gag a bit? It would just be darling if I could put up a few bits :)

9th March 2003, 19:25
VigilAnt: Would you say it's generally good news or generally bad news?

9th March 2003, 19:27
Originally posted by UtwigMU
VigilAnt: Would you say it's generally good news or generally bad news?
Hey, I have a black bar across my mouth. Gonna have to ask Woody woodPECKER about it for now :)

10th March 2003, 16:47
efty: Sasq has almost perfected a vBulletin module, where we MURCers will be allowed to post news to certain categories which will automatically generate a thread for feedback. Certain users will be allowed to post directly, others will have moderated posts.

He's also been optimising some of the algorithms in vB to lessen the load on the MURC server whilst increasing the speed of the forums.

He's created a new design for the new news portal as well - a fully XHTML/CSS layout with XML feeds for those that are interested.

You'll also be able to submit bugs, which will be tracked by the FlameThrower.

The news on Distributed@MURC will be 'shared' with MURC (and also the forum).

Lots more goodies and addons for the forums as well! All I can say is build your hopes up - hell, this guy will also be delivering a Pitou with all the feature requests from TCB :D

Edit: Sasq just confirmed the above is not completed..."yet" ;)

10th March 2003, 23:09
Well the list is impressive I would love to have a sasq on my team :p

11th March 2003, 05:51
I also walk on water for party tricks. ;)

I may be good, i'm not that good :D

11th March 2003, 16:52
Basically guys, the news script is being replaced. Hopefully with one that's better than Coranto.

Sounds simple yes, but then nuclear rhymes with clear :) Capisce?
No? Neither do I - confusing post this may be, but confused posts what may follow indeed?