View Full Version : Windoze dump files

20th February 2003, 02:52
Now why can't these have useful information for the layman to look at. I've got a machine that will run perfectly for weeks and then suddenly reboot. Yup got a nice dump file but no other information of use.
I've now turned off the reboot option and hopefully I'll get a Blue screen with some useful information that I maybe be able to work with.
One thing I do know it ain't the memory.

20th February 2003, 13:01
Well, that would be great, finding out why and to actualy be able to solve windows problems :D

20th February 2003, 14:02
Even the blue screen seldom gives any useful info. Thanks, MS. :rolleyes:

21st February 2003, 00:28
I just tell it to reboot and not give any dump info.
If it starts to reboot often, then i disable the reboot automatically option.

21st February 2003, 08:32
I rather it not reboot at all. Last night it did it when I minimised the wintv program. Now I think the previous time it rebooted I may have been using wintv but the time before that I dunno.