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19th February 2003, 20:25
To get rid of the stupid 5 second delay (and logo display) when starting X, add this to the Device section in your XF86Config:

Option "NoLogo"

Matrox, why isn't this documented?

19th February 2003, 22:05
Wooo really didn't know that :D

19th February 2003, 23:12
I don't know why, but it seems like all common sense has flown right out of the window for Matrox regarding their Linux "support".

First, they require registration on their site to access the Linux drivers (What's up with that? I don't want your stupid newsletter! I just want the friggin' drivers!)
Second, they add a startup delay, and a stupid logo to their drivers. (Did anyone get this move? They got rid of the BIOS startup message, in order to comply with some weird Microsoft demand, yet they somehow see the need to add this stupid "feature" in their Linux drivers. Why?)
And third, (and this is getting old) the drivers doesn't support overlay, 3D or HW cursors in TripleHead. (The driver has been in development for more than 5 months. Is it really that hard?)

If any of the above had been true about their Windows support, there would have been a public outcry, yet it's ok to mistreat their Linux customers.

20th February 2003, 13:06
Agree, and we've been saying it on their forum for ages, ain't we.
But there is nothing we (I) can do :(

And you missed that there is FreeBSD driver too.

Colin Morey
24th February 2003, 04:13
Cool, thanks for that option, shall have to remember it when i stick my P back in the linux box, (it's currently on the shelf), Is it too much to ask for XV support??


24th February 2003, 04:17
There is an Overlay option in the current mtx-drivers, but it gives very weird results on my TripleHead configuration. It might be a first test of implementing Xv, but as it isn't documented, it probably doesn't work.

Colin Morey
24th February 2003, 04:20
dare I ask where you're reading all this, or are you stringsing the drivers?

24th February 2003, 04:21
strings :)