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Jon P. Inghram
16th February 2003, 19:21
Do NOT click THIS LINK!!! (http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/you.html)

Seriously, I wouldn't hit it if you don't feel taking the chance on having to reset your computer, and you probably don't want to have the volume up too horribly loud either. It's perfectly safe to click though... no harm will become of you or your computer, and it's family safe. :)

16th February 2003, 19:29
That's an interesting twist and MEAN.

I wouldn't click on it, if you have anything important open.
I was ALT+F4ing like a madman.:)

16th February 2003, 20:11
btw, somebody sent that link to my son. If you hit ctrl-alt-del and then kill off IE, your problems will go away :)


16th February 2003, 20:12
Good to have popup killer in Opera...

Jon P. Inghram
16th February 2003, 20:18
After struggling with ALT-F4 for a moment I gave the ole three finger salute and it cleared it all out the same way as Helevitia. Left a big pile of those wierd empty window button things in the task bar though... anyone know what causes that on Win98?

16th February 2003, 20:21
HAHA! I just realized that ZoneAlarm Pro prevents anything after the first window from coming up :D I love the ad blockers in ZA :)


16th February 2003, 20:43
You can just right-click on the taskbar button and select close. Works like a charm.

18th March 2003, 15:17
Another example where Opera makes me feel like the computer god I ain't ;)


18th March 2003, 15:29
Phoenix does prevent unwanted popup windows as well. Only those sites can open such windows for which you have specifically allowed it.

BTW, welcome back.

18th March 2003, 16:36
Thank you :)

I have Opera set to allow popups, but when I stumble upon such a popup-fest I just hit F12, click "refuse popups" and hold ctrl+w until all annoying windows have gone away, then F12 - allow popups. Sounds alot more bothersome than it really is.


18th March 2003, 17:41
<alt> F4 with Mozilla works fiine (on Red Hat 8....)

Really good link though.....


18th March 2003, 18:40
popup? what's a popup? ;)

(happy Opera user) :p