View Full Version : Linux for non-linux user

6th February 2003, 15:20
Is there a How-To or something about setting up a Linux computer for someone who doesn't know stuff like root, chmod, etc, but I can't admin the computer for them?

I guess it would be setting it up like Lindows, but choosing a different distro. Do you think just installing a distro like Mandrake and having a short manual about the Control Center and such would be better?


6th February 2003, 16:10
Yeah, just go with Mandrake 9.0. Most of the default stuff would work fine. You can set it up so that it automatically will log them in as the regular user. Then for package management (assuming you think they won't screw it up) you can just show them how to install it through the Control-Center and also give them the root password.


7th February 2003, 09:38
Then why Linux??

7th February 2003, 11:29
Don't want to buy any MS products again.

Has free software that I couldn't find, or didn't look or don't want to compile, for Win98, such as KTouch (Typing Tutor), PySol (a crap load of solitaire games), Freevo (home theater controller), etc.

If old people can learn to use it fine...: http://www.desktoplinux.com/articles/AT8221013471.html