View Full Version : Distributed computing on your PS2!

3rd February 2003, 12:43
You can now help the M.U.R.C. Distributed folding team by cruching units on your Sony Playstation 2 !

From the DF news page:


- A few announcements - firstly, fo anyone who downloaded the UNIX client directly from the Download page of the web site since this Tuesday, please note that some switches were accidentally set wrong in the foldit script. Please check the foldit script and ensure the '-if' flag is not present unless you wanted it to be (see the Readme for details on what each flag does)

- An updated version of the software has been released (only the protein was updated on Tuesday) which fixes a number of minor issues, so grab the new verison if any of these affect you: time and date stamps are added in the error.log for some network errors; updates might be detected better behind transparent proxy servers now; and a bug in reading the foldtraj_fileserver.cfg file (when using the update proxy daemon) was corrected.

- Lastly, and most importantly, we have yet another two ports! By popular request we've released a 32-bit IRIX client. We've also released a Sony Playstation 2 Linux client. This requires Sony's 'Linux Kit', available for purchase at www.playstation.com, and has not been specifically optimized for the CPU so it runs a little slow. Head over to the Download section to get these of course.

d/load the client here : http://www.distributedfolding.org/Download.html

More info on the project can be found on their homepage http://www.distributedfolding.org or in our distributed@murc forum : http://forums.murc.ws/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=17