View Full Version : General thoughts on buying a car and saving MURC

24th January 2003, 13:39
I was going to make this UK only, but non-Brits can skip to the final paragraph :)

Ok, I start work with Arnold Clark on Monday as 1st Line Tech Support. I get 30 for anyone I recommend to Arnold Clark (actually 50 if I attend in person).

Here's an idea:
1. You let me know if you're thinking of buying a car, and which Arnold Clark branch you would be attending.
2. I call the manager of the branch and let them know you'll be attending (this is compulsory by Arnold Clark).
3. If you go through with the purchase, you get free 'Clark Care' (which may nor may not be crap ;)). I get 30. I'll give this to MURC.
4. You have years of happy motoring ;)

So, basically, if you're in the UK and buying a car, go see Arnold Clark, if there's something that takes your fancy then this could know another few quid Ant's way.

Now then, are there any other ideas like this? i.e. Recommend a friend etc. All we have to do is post them in here and we can all go round the world quoting our friends, and getting discounts and stuff :)

Plus we can put it Ant's way, because if we didn't have MURC we wouldn't be getting this cash anyway, and our lives would be generally dull and empty. Capisce?

Thoughts or suggestions if people have similar schemes :)