View Full Version : FTSE down for the tenth day on the trot.

24th January 2003, 10:15
I wonder how much my maxi isa is worth now? 100 200 pounds or less.

24th January 2003, 12:13
Translation, please?

- Gurm

24th January 2003, 13:27
Maxi ISA?
Isn't that VESA Local Bus or something?

24th January 2003, 14:09
The European equivalent of "My IRA is going to shit."

24th January 2003, 20:19
ISA = Individual Savings Account.

Essentially (ignoring the variants) you can invest up to 3000 GBP in cash (with no tax on the interest income), or 7000 GBP in equities with no capital gains tax or tax on the dividend income, per year.

So for the cash ISA, you save, ooh, about 40 quid a year in tax. And with the share ISA you lose, ooh, about a grand a year for the last couple of years.

Oh well. My share options are just a little out of the money.

25th January 2003, 07:49
Oh ah.

Yes, now I get it.


401k's down again! Stock market crashing!

- Gurm

25th January 2003, 09:30
GNEP: Are those amounts per year or in total?
BTW, my stock options are soooo way out of the money, there really is no reason to stick with my current employer anymore....

28th January 2003, 00:53
Umf: per year.


Dr Mordrid
28th January 2003, 02:28
Look long, not short.

Most all of the current instability in the market is due to war jitters putting the nervous nellies over the cliff, dragging the market down with them.

History shows that once the war's over, and especially if the allies win and stabilize things, the nervous nellies will stop watching the news and start looking at the financial reports again.

The indications are that, in the US anyhow, the GDP numbers will be sharply up which bodes well for a non-distracted market.

Dr. Mordrid

28th January 2003, 04:30
Of course if the war on terrorism continues or AlQ blows up a few more bits and bobs it could a very long period of uncertainty.