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17th January 2003, 05:30

I'm trying to help a friend in finding a computer problem (dropped frames when videocapture). Currently, I'd like to check his IRQs (thinking a shared one is to blame), so I'm looking for a simple program that does just that (he lives quite far).

So, I know there must be some way in XP Home to see the IRQ settings, but not having XP Home, I cannot tell him how to reach all of this.
Does anyone know of a simple program that shows the IRQs ? (just click it, and it displays)


17th January 2003, 06:07
Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information/Hardware Resources/IRQs

or via Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/System Information/Hardware Resources/IRQs

right click on the IRQ list window and Save as text file

in 2k/XP it only lists the used IRQs while in 98 it also lists the free ones.

17th January 2003, 06:08

17th January 2003, 06:09
damn, beaten to it by Admiral

17th January 2003, 06:11
And I thought you were somehow making fun of the long path version(s) :D

17th January 2003, 06:41
Thanks guys !
(how could I forget msinfo32 ??? :D)

Well, euhm, actually, I preferred the method described by ayoub_ibrahim : it was easier for me to explain to a very "basic" computer user (as my friend is working on a Dutch XP, and most of the items Admiral listed are translated - as I am working on an English W2k, I have no clue about the chosen translations)...


Thanks again,


17th January 2003, 07:52
OT: If you find yourself troubleshooting for other people a lot, take a look at VNC (get the enhanced version at http://www.tightvnc.com ). I find it invaluable - if my sister phones up and says "I'm having a problem with XYZ on my computer", and it's not immediately obvious to me what the problem is (or how to explain how to fix it), I can just say "Start the VNC server program and I'll take a look from here".

OK, you can have your thread back now. :)

17th January 2003, 08:00
Thanks, but he has no internet connection... :)
(And actually, at home neither do I :D)

Originally posted by Ribbit
OK, you can have your thread back now. :)

Well, euhm...
I kinda figured I had the information I needed, so euhm... please, be my guest ! :D