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7th January 2003, 12:17
First there are some nasty rumours going around about ME and now my job!

There are rumours that we are close to losing our contract here at work! I hope they can re-absorb all the employees back into the company so we can all keep our jobs.

They are taking people into meetings and they aren't giving anybody any information, and when we ask what's going on they keep telling us it's confidential. They usually tell us what's going on but not today.

So far our service level hasn't been over 5% (fact) and it even dropped to .4%. Now according to the company we need to maintain an 85% minimum to keep our contract. But on the bright side there are a few companies interested in taking their place but none of this is for sure.

So far, nobody is freaking out, then again, nobody has the information that I've been able to get a hold of. But things are looking pretty bleek. And they have also cancelled out shift bid for this period, which is rather odd.

But in case I do lose my job, there is a nice government job available for bilingual people (like myself) in my city and it's just down the street and the pay and benefits (and even the job) is almost exactly the same as this one!

I guess I'll have to wait and see. (but this rumours looks real)
Damn I hate rumours.

7th January 2003, 12:25
Holy shit, ok, update, things are getting much worse than I thought! :(

And now people are freaking out. Didn't take long.

7th January 2003, 12:26
If the government job pays as much as your current job then by all means, jump the boat.

7th January 2003, 12:26
nothing like a good panic attack. run luke, run!

7th January 2003, 12:29
Originally posted by Admiral
If the government job pays as much as your current job then by all means, jump the boat.

Hell yeah!!!!! :up:

Man what a shitty Year i've been having and it's only neen a freaking WEEK!!

Update 2: From what I'm hearing about 100 to 200 people JUST lost their jobs.

7th January 2003, 12:32
Run Forrest!! Seriously, apply for that other job before everyone else does.

7th January 2003, 12:40
Originally posted by Byock
Run Forrest!!

It's evan more hilarious when you say it :D

7th January 2003, 12:44
Well, there are a few contracts waiting to come in so technically we should all be re-absorbed back in. (supposedly)

And as for the other job, well there aren't a whole lot of bilingual ppl here and I already have 2 years experience, either way should move my ass a little more eh?

7th January 2003, 12:48
Originally posted by ZokesPro
Well, there are a few contracts waiting to come in so technically we should all be re-absorbed back in. (supposedly)

No new contract, from the latest update. :(

Latest update: Some people will be re-absorbed into other contracts but all those newly hired will lose their jobs.

7th January 2003, 13:32
Latest update: My job is fully secured! :)

That last half hour was crazy!

7th January 2003, 13:42

Thats a hell of alot of pressure. Good thing it didn't go on for a long time! :o

7th January 2003, 14:06
I still haven't heard all the details, my turn is coming soon (TM).

(haven't been to the corporate meeting yet)

7th January 2003, 14:37
congrats so far.

Admiral is right tho... government jobs are a lot more secure. but in the mean time working for the government is harder to get promotion. And since you can speak French... going into a government job is probably much easier.

7th January 2003, 14:41
Originally posted by ZokesPro
Latest update: My job is fully secured! :)

That last half hour was crazy! Still, I wouldn't celebrate so quickly. The first round of layoffs is rarely the last. Keep considering that gov't job, before your laid off coworkers get to first.

Take it from me, hit in the 3rd round in 18 months, which was also the third round in 50 years.

7th January 2003, 14:42
Ouch. Layoffs frickin suck. They always lie to you. "You have nothing to worry about" then turn around and lay you off the next month. :rolleyes:

7th January 2003, 15:42
It's not quite a layoff but more a transfer of business from one place to another. Just so happens that the people who are from the contract that just left (they officially leave at 9pm Eastern tonight) get re-absorbed to a different contracts and so forth.

So my company decided to move one contract elsewhere but left 2 sections right here, and the one section is my section.

There are also several contracts that are eager to enter our company and they would re-train those who just left a previous contract and use them in the new contract.

But there are some people that won't be re-absorbed, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm alright until april. Come april we will be gettting a bunch of new contracts and if my current contract decides to leave then I "can" get re-absorbed back into another one.

To get re-absorbed you have to have good stats (check), a good attitude (sorta check, hehe :p), good attendance (check) and seniority (check).

It's a call center dealing with a dozen or more contracts and they would rather use agents who have been here a while and re-train them then grab people off the streets.

Anyways, that's the jist of the meeting. He said he was honest about what he was saying but I'm sure there's a lot fo information he's not telling us.

7th January 2003, 17:39
As long as you are not the owner, you are expendable. They lied to others.. just remember that. The one way they can be cornered is if they promote you. If you are promoted, they have invested faith in you, so you are usually more secure for awhile. You could apply for the Govt job if you think you would like it more (or just as much) and if you get a firm offer you could tell your current management, "hey, I would rather stay here if you could offer a more challenging position" Who knows? You might get a better job out of it..

7th January 2003, 23:30
This has happened before and no one lost their job but I will take it into consideration indeed.

8th January 2003, 00:54
Hey Zokes,

good to hear you keep your job, but as others said, be careful and search for alternatives.

I wasn't so lucky. We had a meeting two days before Christmas. Our new boss told us, that they plan to reorganizate the company and he showed and explained us the new planned structure for more than one hour and on the last sheet of his presentation he told us, that the complete branch here in Munich will be closed completely. That sucks.

See ya

8th January 2003, 01:21
Sorry to hear that you and so many others are losing their jobs, Rakido. Hope the job market will treat you all kindly. :(

8th January 2003, 14:52
Rotfl, Zokes, my brother...I've lost the SAME work 2 times in three monts and maybe I'm going to lose it again in a few days :)