View Full Version : Retail Parhelia for sale!

29th December 2002, 13:03
I'm offloading my Parhelia. It's a fine card:

* Straight from Matrox
* Clocked at 220 from the factory
* Retail: I have the original box, and all cables and CD

I could take and post pictures of it on request.

Asking: US$250 OBO, plus whatever it costs me to ship.

29th December 2002, 13:21
What's in the box.

29th December 2002, 13:22
The card.

30th December 2002, 10:53
How's the "banding" on this board? Pretty mild? None? Lots?

2nd January 2003, 20:25
Originally posted by CharlesWA
How's the "banding" on this board? Pretty mild? None? Lots?

Wombat, what are your reasons for selling it? Have you made any mods to your P? I really want one, and what better one than one from a BB? But I want the above questions answered first before I make a bid.

3rd January 2003, 00:49
I responded to Charles eariler through PM, but I'll just answer it here publically. Yes, the card exhibits banding. I haven't seen any other Parhelia cards, so I don't know if you'd call it bad. It does weird things, like not show up in WC3, except for the cut scenes (odd, eh?). Then again, if the card didn't have any banding, I'd probably be asking for $400 for it (why gamble with buying from Matrox when you can get the sure thing from somebody?).

I'm selling the card for a couple of reasons, like:
* The second computer I'm building has gone from full-fledged machine to file server, so I'm just going to put my G450 in there.
* I can't spare the money for a couple more monitors at this time.

I'm just not using the card to the fullest.

Oh, the card is completely stock, no mods, no signs of wear. If you swished it around in some alcohol to shine it up, it would be indistinguishable from a brand new one.