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29th December 2002, 00:39
Dont know if this is the relevant place to ask but here goes:

I normally arrive at MURC by using this (http://forums.murc.ws/) link.

Yes in general, things go as planned and the page is up just about immediately on my screen - but - every now and again (perhaps once/twice a day?) , just the blue background will appear, and then my ADSL modem running at 512K, will get "revved" to the maximum (download only) for the best part of about 20 or 30 seconds with no progress on the page content getting retrieved, after wich the page eventually gets displayed correctly.

So now the question:

Anybody knows what is happening during that period?
Only this site seems to be affected as I have not noticed it anywhere else. :confused:

30th December 2002, 02:42
Has it only started recently? I have been making a few mods to the page that you don't usually see? so with a time line I might be able to track down what it is.


30th December 2002, 03:33
Hi Dan

Yes its fairly recent if memory serves - I would have to guess its about 2 weeks now.

This post for instance is within 3 minutes of me arriving here and having seen the bahaviour.

30th December 2002, 07:46
what browser are you using?

30th December 2002, 07:47

30th December 2002, 09:57
Hmm, I havn't done anything in that time frame, there could be a slight glitch with the paypal link at the top.

Also everynow and again Burst does tend to slow down....

I'll be doing some work on the display code over the next few weeks, lets see if that makes it better or worse.


30th December 2002, 11:14
Cheers for the thoughts, but nothing to loose sleep over. :)

9th January 2003, 02:33
Have not seen this behaviour since my last post in this topic - thought we somehow got rid of it - HA!.

Arrived back here after being away for a few hours this morning (local time), and had to, once again, sit through 42 seconds of download activity at 512K with no progress on the actual Murc page I am interested in being retrieved.

9th January 2003, 04:11
Always the trouble with intermittant problems, whenever you take it to the repair guy, it works..

I'll keep an eye on it though.

9th January 2003, 08:31
perhaps there is another process hogging the DSL line LvR? or does that happen exclusively on MURC?

10th January 2003, 21:08
Is possible I suppose, but have not been able to track anything down and I have only seem it with MURC.

Not a trainsmash though.

20th January 2003, 04:29
Just had it again, and from the attached pic (warning about security and Paypal------------first time I have had this now), it would seem that Paypal may the the fly in the ointment.

27th January 2003, 03:18
Today I think this has reached the point of serious irritation - just about every visit here results in me having to wait for best part of a minute before the page contents gets displayed.

Now I am no network boffin, but is there perhaps some tool I can leave running to monitor this particular behaviour on only this website and see what the hell is being downloaded and where its going to?

I guess the fact that I am the only twit experiencing this (anybody else?) means there must be something wrong on my side.

Running up-to-date NAV2003/NIS2003, Ad-aware5.8.3, Adshield - and all are either blocking crap arriving or says that no spyware/virii are present - W2K+SP3,IE6+SP1

Any help and suggestions to restore my sanity much appreciated.

27th January 2003, 04:33
Well if you are insane then the problem is non existent :)

Seriously now. You could try hooking up another computer on your connection and test it a bit to see if you :) experience the same behavior. Or even try another browser.

To monitor your internet activity you can use a sniffer such as Ethereal http://www.ethereal.com/

You can use it to grab all that goes through your nic and check what goes on with the murc.

27th January 2003, 06:36

Thanks for the link - have downloaded, installed and gotten it going and managed to capture during one of these funny sessions:

Its no friggin wonder things take so long: :(

about 1500 frames for a simple action like going to the forum top page .............. takes more than a minute........... most of the frames of 1476 byte size!............... some around 100 bytes or so.............comms with mostly attached pic showing details of last packet received just as MURC forum completed loading - notice time relative to first packet!.

Dont know what the hell to make of this though - I have a detailed log available that this proggie generated for this excercize and I saved - 1.5M ! - that I can offer to anybody that is a wiz with these network things and feels like looking into it..

I am going through the log on an item basis to see if I can spot anything OBVIOUS and also looking at comms adresses to see who is saying what, but most likely need somebody that knows what he is doing.

27th January 2003, 06:41
See my pm for email address details..

27th January 2003, 07:50

Have sent the log to your pm, and from what I can see, it looks like Verisign ( is doing the most damage here! -

27th January 2003, 12:54
Dan is your man :)

Let me know of your findings.

Did you consider the possibility of EM interference with your phone line? Perhaps having a utility near by that causes this. Worth checking out.

27th January 2003, 19:37
Not electrical/magnetic inereference I am sure. (I am on a 512K DSL link). The rest of Internet is quite happy to go about their business normally - its just MURC - on the exact same hardware, that is acting-up.

28th January 2003, 04:31

When you get a gap to look at the log-file I sent, here are some more evidence that both Paypal and Verisign are somehow involved.

Attached image is of screen-captures of moans that during the last few days occurs regularly.

Going to try and simply block paypal by adding that to the list of things to be done by Adshield

28th January 2003, 05:31
What you are seeing there is Paypal's cerificate of authenticity, the only involvement Verisign have is that they issue such certificates. I can only presume that you have somewhere security settings set extremely high and your browsing is quizzing Paypal each time it loads the page for its certificate of authenticity.

28th January 2003, 05:47
I was just thinking the same thing.. yup check your security settings and if there set to fairly high, try nocking them down a notch

28th January 2003, 06:21

As a theory I have to agree with that - but in practice, I cannot make sense of it..................

Running with browser security currently set at "Medium" and as I have mentioned before, the problem does not occur EVERY TIME I arrive here - most of the time I arrive and all is well. ?!

I will give it a go anyway, but changing the security settings will not allow me to immediately check on any change in MURC bahaviour as the problem is intermittent.

If the combination of wonky security settings and Paypall is to blame, I cannot figure why only MURC shows this behaviour - I visit various other pages/sites also spouting Paypal and no such hassles there.

28th January 2003, 08:33
Also why no else sees the problem. I've checked with different browsers and even installed the Adshield software you use but the page always loads up very fast.

29th January 2003, 01:03

Certainly looks like its a problem on my side since nobody else is moaning about it.

Have lowered security settings to "low" (cant go lower) and still have the same crap intermittently.

Killed Paypal refs/links allover with Adshield, and problem seem to be solved.

Lets not waste anymore time on this - I can live without Paypal and what its doing, so I will just run like that.

Thanks for the suggestions and interest.

29th January 2003, 02:00
The PayPal buttun is actualy cousing ome problems over here every now and then! The problem would propably be solved if you would host the button on murc and not on https://www.paypal.com/images/x-click-but04.gif

29th January 2003, 05:33
I'll look into moving the button here, just have to read up on the licence


29th January 2003, 06:31

29th January 2003, 11:53
Again everything on the forum loads exept the damn buton! :(