View Full Version : Judicial Watch: Iraq tied to Oaklahoma bombing

Dr Mordrid
30th November 2002, 22:06
Judicial Watch is an independent legal watchdog organization in the US. They've filed suit, basically to shake loose more info;


Dr. Mordrid

30th November 2002, 22:51
I think for alot of people that comes as no real surprise especially considering the total disregard for innocent life particularly that of children.


1st December 2002, 07:36
I have just one question, since it doesn't seem to be specified in that article (if it is please point me to it).
Did they filed suit against a sovereign state in a US federal court ?! :ermm:

1st December 2002, 09:09
Wow, that manages to be both silly and in poor taste at the same time.

1st December 2002, 09:40
Since they're suing a foreign government and not individuals that commited crimes on US soil I would expect them to do it in a Iraqi court, most unlikely considering the regime there, but they could sue for compensation there after Sadam is deposed and the country elects a democratic regime. Pretty much like what jewish people did in post nazi Germany.
And considering the current sittuation an international "neutral" court is most suited, but not US court.

Dr Mordrid
1st December 2002, 12:51
You can file against a foreign government in US Federal courts, it can be sucessful and this isn't the only example.

There is a $trillion lawsuit against Saudi Arabia, based on the value of their oil reserves, in the US courts regaring 9/11 and the Saudi governments involvment in supporting the Wahabi Madrassa schools that churned out many of the terrorists & the Taliban.


In another case the families of those killed in the Lockerbie 747 bombing are in the process of finalizing a settlement with Libya regarding their countries security service's complicity in that attack.


If won the foreign governments assets in the US would be seized to pay the award. Pending the outcome of the case some of the defendents US assets can be frozen by the court and cannot be taken out of the country to avoid payment.

Dr. Mordrid

1st December 2002, 12:59
What if that particular foreign goverment doesn't have any assets in the US?:confused:
I seriously doubt Iraq has any left...

Dr Mordrid
1st December 2002, 13:05
There are still Iraqi assets frozen during Gulf War I.

Over 200 nations have significantly more than $800 billion in foreign reserves stored in the US Federal Reserve Bank of New York. They also store 1/4 of the worlds monetary gold supply.

The FRBNY facilitates over $9 trillion in transfers from those accounts annually.

London also has significant foreign reserves of both gold and securities in storage for similar purposes.

Given the reciprocity agreements between US and UK courts....

Dr. Mordrid