View Full Version : Terror strikes once more.

28th November 2002, 01:02

28th November 2002, 01:51
Current news reports at least 8 deads 2 children among them.

28th November 2002, 03:09
****ing savages

28th November 2002, 05:37
Took the words right out of my mouth.:(:mad:

28th November 2002, 07:07
2 terrorists attacked in center Beit-Shean with rifles and grenades.

Unknown number of wounded and casualties.

28th November 2002, 07:12
Latest news say that 2 terrorists were shot dead by soldiers who were in the centrals bus station.
There are dozens of wounded and propably 3 casualties.
It is believed that the terrorists came from/through Jordan.

28th November 2002, 07:30
A third terrorist has secured himself inside a house in the city, security forces are surrounding the place.
So far there are 25 wounded and 4 casualties.

28th November 2002, 07:36
May the only further casualties be the bad guys.

Dr Mordrid
28th November 2002, 09:46
The posession of this type of shoulder launched missile definitely brings up the subject of state supported terrorism.

Does anyone now doubt that Arafat, Husboulah, Hamas, Syria and dare I say Saddam are acting in concert?

Dr. Mordrid

28th November 2002, 09:51
Originally posted by Dr Mordrid

Does anyone now doubt that Arafat, Husboulah, Hamas, Syria and dare I say Saddam are acting in concert?

Dr. Mordrid

You'll be surprised :(
Many lefties here in Israel believe in the fairytale that if and when Israel redraws to the 67' frontier, everything will be just fine and all terror will cease etc. etc. bla bla bla :down:
Why don't they start swimming back to the gas chambers right now and rid us from their sorry selves ?
The enemy from within is so much more dangerous than the (obvious) enemy in front.

28th November 2002, 10:56
Pity we can't scoop all this scum up with the dogooders and stick them on another planet preferably next to a black hole.

28th November 2002, 11:02
When will it all stop? :(
(personally I have nothing against the Israelis, or anybody else for that matter)

28th November 2002, 11:25
By hitting Israel Al Q is probably wanting to gain a lot more recruits as it will be very popular with the more militant Muslims. It will also make it harder for Muslim countries to round them up if they really want to anyway.