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25th November 2002, 13:30
Due to the phenomenal problems that i am having with my ISP(s), I have decided to ghost my mail server and resume the project in 6months time when my existing contract has expired. I should also have the capital to move away from the tight fisted ar$eholes.

Apologies to rugger and sasq who have put in many, many hours of their time. It has not been wasted! Godfather will live on! :D (not to mention, I actually know a bit of linux now! ;))

I have my SCSI server just sitting there. So rather that shoving it into a corner for the next 6months, I will use it to build a http/file server. With some jiggling, I may even be able to get some webmail access too, which will kind of get around my needs from the time being.

I am familiar with 2K server which would be my OS of choice, although know that I have dabbled with linux, I know that it is a far superior and much more secure option.

Anyway, I have tomorrow off, so I am thinking about starting then. Does anyone have any advice about what to do, what not to do etc...

Cheers again for everyone's help!

Drink on me! ;)

25th November 2002, 13:37
Well Win2k Server _IS_ pretty idiot proof. I can't think of any amazing pearls of wisdom. What did you have in mind?

- Gurm

25th November 2002, 14:06
linux: what about samba & apache?


25th November 2002, 14:38
I'd like to set up an http server so my domain points directly to my IP. I could use VPN and being able to access my mail though IMAP would be cool.

25th November 2002, 15:35
I guess I have to jump into one corner or an other.
As Gurm said, 2K server is idiot proof (i'll test that later! :p) so I think that it's only right to put rugger's teaching to the test and build a proper linux server.

Will linux cope with domains and VPN?
Can i connect to my client mailbox via IMAP *without* a mail server?

This whole linux thing is new territory. I dont know what 'protocols' are M$ branded....

25th November 2002, 17:03
Stupid ISP's :( However

Apache deals effortlessly with virtually any http things you need, and unlike ISS, you won't get hacked by a worm in the first day. I have logs showing basicly every common worm attacking my box over the last week :D

You can use a timed fetchmail on the server to retreive your mail onto the linux server. From there, you can use imap to access your email.

VPN, hmmm, don't know much about that to be honest :)

26th November 2002, 01:33
SO do i ammend the setup that i have, or start again using a different distro?