View Full Version : Best Vid Tools ver. 4 G400 32MSGRAM Dually + W98SE

23rd November 2002, 18:51
Went to th Matrox site - but doesnt seem to be any...

I've been having problems with VidTools v1.52 which I used for my 8MB G200 setup the last 2 years and thought might work on my G400.

When it runs for 20-30 minutes or longer - it sems to go to what I call "Insufficient memory resources look" where the font goes large and bold and the remote becomes inoperative and greyed out. I have to eventually "can" the recording by closing down via the window X - close box - this often renders the last file corrupted.

Last night I had the incident where the last file actually got to 3.8GB....even though there's the 2GB file limit and crashed anyway...lost 40minutes of recording from the TV. Bugger....Chilly Peppers Special!!!

Also many erratic problems with poor files with lots of poor quality frames with green and white pixels which cant be read by Premiere or VDub causing them to crash.

Help appreciated.

Box setup is the VIA P4266 chipset with 512MB DDR RAM.
125GB HDisks over 4 Disks (2xIBM_GXP15's+2x40GBSeagateIV's), PA1.6A....I hoping its not one of those "Dont buy a VIA" solutions....
Not running in dual mode at the moment.


23rd November 2002, 20:33
the matrox page for the 400Marvel....

Will give VT v1.55 with 6.28 drivers ago....

1st December 2002, 11:46
last niht I had the fuzzy green & white screen back again....seems to be an intermitent problem because I tried to emulate it yesterday and no problem....

1st December 2002, 11:54
We have a forum named Desktop Video (http://forums.murc.ws/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=7) for questions like this!