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23rd November 2002, 16:44
Ok guys, I'm looking for shell extensions to:

1. Tell me the FourCC codes (and preferably what Codec they map to) for an AVI file, either on a right-click or in the property pages. Windows, sadly, will only tell you the codec if the file is both perfect and in a currently-installed Codec. Bleh. I found an extension to do this but it only does it in "tips", which I have turned off for explorer because they're friggin irritating.

2. Preview image files on a right-click. Picaview has compatibility issues with ACDSee 5.0 and XP+SP1... wondering if there's another program with this functionality?

- Gurm

23rd November 2002, 18:11
Have you tried Yet Another Avi Info? http://yaai.sourceforge.net/
As soon as you quit it, it adds itself to the right-click menu.

GSpot also claims that sort of capability: http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

For image preview many have recommended IrfanView (have not tried it myself): http://www.irfanview.com/

23rd November 2002, 19:11
Danke, I'll look into them.

- Gurm

23rd November 2002, 20:40
I use ACDsee 4.0 and I used ACDSee32 prior to that.

Browse with ACDsee extension works for me. There is also Image Navigator = Free, something some admin found while legalizing software for this marketing agency, but has no extensions, you can roll your own extension through registry.

24th November 2002, 06:18
YAAI certainly does the trick, as does G-Spot. Sadly, both fail utterly to integrate with the shell nicely.

Still, they'll work until I find what I _am_ looking for. Keep the suggestions coming, folks.

Utwig - see... ACDSee doesn't do any of what I asked for... see...