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23rd November 2002, 09:51

Link from IBM

23rd November 2002, 10:02
"DeathStar" drives indeed... Those sounds really sent chills up my spine.

23rd November 2002, 10:04
fecking scary :(

23rd November 2002, 10:11
Take a look at my signature...

23rd November 2002, 11:50
Well none the sounds match the sounds of three harddisks that I own over the years. Fixed each time by DFT programme.
Still IBM haven't made as many faulty hard drives as Fujistu have before they pulled out of the ide business.

23rd November 2002, 17:35
Hmm... That slow spindle motor.wav took me back to 97/98... 3 hdd's had the problem... 2 WD, 1 IBM...

I'm very glad I haven't heard those sounds since though, and I'm hoping I'll never hear it, nor the other sounds ever again!

Dr Mordrid
23rd November 2002, 20:37
Got rid of my 4 IBM's before they got to that stage. Yecchhh....

Dr. Mordrid

24th November 2002, 18:30
Now I know what to use for the Windows system sounds on the computers at work :D

Dr Mordrid
24th November 2002, 18:46
Oooooo.....that's MEAN :D

Dr. Mordrid

24th November 2002, 22:08
I don't want to sound anti-hdd here but those sounded really really cool! (the two bottom ones only)

25th November 2002, 03:06
Yep, they sound cool,

But I hope to never hear those sounds come out of a hard drive. :D

25th November 2002, 14:38
Rugger, since you happen to have an IBM 60GXP hdd you're quite likely to hear these sounds. I have had the Hanging motor with one that died and another started doing it as well some time ago - still only after a cold boot, so I do not shut down the system anymore.

26th November 2002, 01:57
Are IBMs SCSI drives better ? I'm currently running an Ultrastar 36 LZX, and am thinking about buying another similar IBM harddisk...


26th November 2002, 13:43
Don't know. I have an old SCSI IBM DDRS drive and that works fine. But then the old IDE IBM HDs are said to work fine as well.

27th November 2002, 14:20
can't get to the site - anyone wanna mirror the files for me pretty please?

27th November 2002, 14:55
ahh don't worry - got there a different way: http://ssddom01.storage.ibm.com/hddt/knowtree.nsf/cffe836ed7c12018862565b000530c74/4b1a62a50f405d0d86256756006e340c?OpenDocument

heheh - I had an old IBM SCSI drive just Monday which had the 'head stuck to platter' noise. A few shakes as it powered up and it is as good as new again :)