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23rd November 2002, 08:02
since about a week i'm experienceing ghosting poroblems(also called shadowing i believe), ironically this is especially visible at the MURC (with the black on light grey text).

now about two weeks ago i bought a new bnc cable, because i phyisically stressed the old one a bit too much (another story). coincedence? are there quality differences in bnc cables?

what kinda irritates me is that the ghosting comes and goes. turning off the monitor or degaussing doesn't help. i've also wiggled the cable a bit and didn't notice any improvement. but then i go out of the room, come back, and it's gone. just to reappear an hour later or not all all. totally random.

23rd November 2002, 08:10
Cheap cable?

23rd November 2002, 08:12
20, i just grabbed the first i saw.

btw. i just shuffled the R G B connectors from the bnc cable a bit, makes for a great psychadelic experience :) also reconnecting the cable at the video card doesn't help. but i just figured that reconnecting the V-cable does help.

i have a lot of other cables running behind my desk, maybe improper shielding? would that result in ghosting?

23rd November 2002, 09:34
I think that you should return the cable and get one with better shielding....

We get the same symptoms from bad extensioncables :-(

23rd November 2002, 09:53
BNC is a Good Thing... if you have a proper cable. I was dumb enough to buy a cheap BNC cable once, the image was actually WORSE than through ordinary D-sub. I went back to D-sub and bought a more expensive Eizo cable later, the image was much better.

Despite what owners of Geforce 2's might say, monitor cabling is not some "the vibrance of the sound is largely affected by the material used in the listener's shirt" HiFi-stuff... With a bad cable, you can spot the difference right away.

23rd November 2002, 09:58
i've both dsub and bnc connectors, however i never run on a dsub cable because of all the bnc praising i've heard. what strikes me as a bit odd is that most new high quality monitors (like eizo) come without bnc connectors.

i'll return the cable and check for a high quality one. unfortunately one can't really see which cable is high quality and which not. guess i'll just have to pick the most expensive one hoping it's the best :ermm:

23rd November 2002, 11:35
I find the lack of BNC connectors on high end monitors annoying possibly becuase I've got one spare sitting in my draw.
I suppose though in two to three years LCD's will be the thing and everyone will using the DVI input.

24th November 2002, 02:32
Hmm.. i have been wondering if i should get a BNC cable too... but i have been using the cable that came with my monitor [ 21" Sony F520 ] so far..

Tempest, so did you get your cables from Verkkokauppa ? :D

Seems that the cheap ones are 20 and Eizo cable is 53. Is it REALLY worth it ?


24th November 2002, 04:18

On the other hand expensive cable is not a definit on that it's good....

I saw some D-sub cables for 30$ that i dident bought that were the worst I have seen when tested in the shop :rolleyes:

Found a thick nice cable with ferrite cores for only 10$ that was great :D

good rule of thumb is thicknes of the cable and if it got ferrite cores.....

24th November 2002, 07:50
Hmm so ferrite core is good? I've found one with ferrit cores on ebay for 10, do you think it's good?


24th November 2002, 08:12
Looks ok, but I woulden't put my life on it ;) :D