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22nd November 2002, 13:44
First question, how do I add a route so that the DHCP server will tell all the clients to use route as the default gateway so that I don't have to type 'route add default gw' everytime I go into linux.... (WindowsXP of course you can just set up the gateway through the GUI)

Second question..... in Redhat 8.0, how would I make it load up agpgart everytime I start...... mtx automatically loads for the parhelia, but without agpgart the display is borked.

Any help on either of these two questions would be very much appreciated.


23rd November 2002, 10:01
The first one should be taken care of if you add the route line to the <I>ifup</I> script.

The second one I can't remember the filenames, and don't have a Linux box handy at the moment :(

23rd November 2002, 10:21
Try adding 'alias /dev/agpgart agpgart' to your /etc/modules.conf

23rd November 2002, 10:44
Ok, thanks guys, I actually just decided to bag RedHat and go back to debian. I'll have to try the ifup thing, but I always thought there was a way to have it that way on the server itself so it automatically told all the dhcp-clients to use the proper gateway.


23rd November 2002, 21:57
There is a way.
option routers xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;
in your dhcpd.conf on the server for the subnet declaration you are dealing with.

23rd November 2002, 22:18
I saw that option already in there, it's set to for whatever reason... but you'd think if that were already set, it'd set that as the gateway, but maybe that's not working because the IP of the eth1 that the dhcpd server is running on is I'll give it a shot...