View Full Version : Time to replace?

22nd November 2002, 03:29
At work we have a demo machine thats running 3Dmark2000 24/7 and the Gefart 256 sdram card has become increasingly "strange" it stuttters badly and emits more heat than ever before :confused:

I changed out all fans and thought that it would help but no go.....

Have to check the interface material as well...

But I think it's time to retire it......

22nd November 2002, 03:45
where's the pics? :D

22nd November 2002, 03:58
I lent my camera to my coworker and he's on leave today :D

It the HS reaches about 40-50c and the backside 55-60 :D

I have 3 92mm fans pointed at it :rolleyes:

Its the "temp" tester!

If anything is still unstable with that mouch airflow something is broken :D

22nd November 2002, 05:25
Talked to the boss and he just said "Replace it" :D

22nd November 2002, 10:35
Yeah, you can replace that cheap nowaday. Many sub $100 cards will blow it away. Dollar for dollar, ATI cards seem faster under $100.

22nd November 2002, 11:02

The funny thing is, I haven't actually found a game that is unplayable on my Geforce DDR.

Neverwinter nights was the closest any game has become to being playable on my Gefart DDR card.

It is a bastard child though, tempermental at times, requires a good power source, hot as all heck, but I have had suprisingly few problems with it.