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21st November 2002, 12:59
Ok, This is my first AMD, so I need some advice. I have a Asus AV78X KT400 mb, XP 2000+ Proc. 256 2700 DDR

This MB has a ton of options for voltage. You can crank the volts up to 2.08. My question is how high can I safely go?

And should I up the voltage on the Ram to get more stability? and how high should I go there?

I have a ton of fans, and am prob going with a water cooling solution soon.

Any thoughts?

21st November 2002, 17:43
Usually you wind up the FSB, and if required drop the multiplier to let you run higher FSB

My XP 1600 runs at 150FSB with stock multiplier and voltage, so I'd say ramp up the FSB until it starts to get unstable, then increase the voltage.

21st November 2002, 19:42

You probably don't want to increase voltage by more than 10%, or about 1.7 volts.

That would make the max safe voltage to be about 1.92 volts. (Toms hardware have successfully used this voltage on their XP chips, but I am not sure whether I should trust that info or not)

But like RichL said, overclock via FSB first, then tweak voltage up a little to make it stable.

However, all that said, don't expect much more than 10% improvement from your efforts. (and is 10% really worth all the effect you are going to throw at it)

22nd November 2002, 01:06
Scrap the Asus.

I wouldn't be afraid of 1,9V if you have watercooling, as long as the temperature stays down it's quite cool. If you are lucky you could bump the FSB to 166 and the PCI divider would change to 5 (if crap asus supports it) and you would have PCI bus at 33MHz :D

I've seen many cases where the XP2000 has successful been clocked to 2GHz, this is a good thing since you wouldn't need to unlock it and you could keep the PCI at 33. Let's hope that the crap asus is stable at 166MHz FSB...

Good luck!