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19th November 2002, 12:09
This man


has successfully closed down a website (albeit temporary) without providing ANY proof of wrong doing to the sites hosts.

You can read about it HERE (http://amiga.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=4186&forum=1)

19th November 2002, 12:30
What a joke! From a 1997 Convention?? Give me a break.

Some people need a life...(Why are you looking at me?? :o )

19th November 2002, 12:46
Originally posted by Byock
(Why are you looking at me?? :o )

Just amased to see a talking chicken! :p

19th November 2002, 12:55
Originally posted by Byock
(Why are you looking at me?? :o )

Just a thought, I must have seen a similar avatar to yours somewhere here - wait a minute! Yes, it was The Colonel... :D

19th November 2002, 14:15
Look at those glases :eek: :eek:

20th November 2002, 07:53
Umm... not sure if linking to his picture from his web site is wise, especially when you consider what he did to that other site due to some pictures they had on thier site.


20th November 2002, 10:19
No, linking to his picture definitely is NOT wise.
Help, I need new glasses now, and maybe a new monitor. Who will pay me this?