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14th November 2002, 07:07

Please solve this problem for me:
I have an athlon xp 1700 and 512MB Ram and when I play a mp3 in winamp the songs skips when I do something in windows explorer. What's wrong? Didn't use to be like this...

The same happens on my familys p4 2.2GHz...


14th November 2002, 07:33
get winamp 2.81, or peters direct sound output patch. set output to direct sound.

14th November 2002, 18:26
Post complete specs, including soundcard, and software in use....

Personally, I like Coolplayer 2.05 with WAVOUT....

Very lean MP3 player with best soundquality...

Otherwise, Winamp 2.81 with MAD plugin and WAVOUT....

If you're running the audigy1/2 or any ASIO compliant card, get the 1.15 ASIO plugin for Winamp...

14th November 2002, 18:45

Make sure your hard drives and CD-ROM are using DMA transfer modes. PIO transfer modes suck in this respect.

Make sure, if you are using a VIA board, that you don't have too much other bandwidth hoging equipment hanging off the PCI bus. (like IDE and SCSI controllers)

Open up "task manager" if you are under w2k or XP and make sure that there arn't other programs using all the CPU/memory running.

15th November 2002, 02:21

My system:
AMD Athlon XP1700+
Abit KR7A-133
Crucial 512MB PC2100
ATI Radeon 8500 (Retail)
3com 3c905c
Creative Labs SBLive! player 1024

+Pioneer 10x DVD and Plextor 16x CD-R

Using Winamp 2.80 or 3.0 no other programs running except for (for example) Windows Explorer. When I right click a file the music skips after a few seconds.


15th November 2002, 02:25
Hey leo,

Did you try my suggestions?

15th November 2002, 03:24
No, haven't had the time yet. Lots of things to do, girls to kiss and new ati drivers to install. :)

16th November 2002, 09:19
Hi! I can't find the MAD output plugin. Where do I find it? Have searched winamp.com....

Liquid Snake
16th November 2002, 14:26
MAD plugin is <A HREF="http://www.mars.org/home/rob/proj/mpeg/mad-plugin/">here</A>.

17th November 2002, 06:54
Well it seems as the sound quality is much better now anyway. (after installing mad) But I get skipping in two cases:
1. Still when I right click a file in windows explorer.
2. When Sun Java is loading.
Otherwise no problem, can even play divx movies at the same time as I listen to music.

17th November 2002, 09:01
It still sounds like a hard drive thing.

17th November 2002, 10:10
Well, now I've run out of ideas. Reinstalled the latest via 4in1 and I allready have the latest soundblaster. DMA is enabled for all drives.

17th November 2002, 10:34
have you tried direct sound output? winamp 2.81?

17th November 2002, 10:56
What does processor and memory usage look like while it skips?

Did you set Winamp's thread priority too low? Did you tell Windows to optimize for apps, or as a server?

17th November 2002, 11:03
Hi! Tried direct sound too.

I haven't changed winamp's priority (normal). windows is set on optimized for applications...

Reinstalling my system seems to be the next step. :)

Oh! It is so much fun. :)

17th November 2002, 11:06
You still didn't say what the system load looks like when you get skipping. Out of memory? Lots of swapping? 100% CPU usage?

What about telling Winamp (and MAD) to run at High priority?

Also, what version of MAD are you using? I have skipping issues with the x14 versions, and run the latest 13 beta.

17th November 2002, 15:01
The skipping occurs when I have 100% cpu load. Don't know why I get that for just right clicking a file....
No memory problems or swapping at least.

I will try the latest 13 beta and high priority also.
The strange thing is that I haven't always had this problem and my friends don't have.

17th November 2002, 15:14
Ok! Thanx for the help. High priority fixed it!

don't know why I have to use it but windows has its mysteries.

17th November 2002, 16:16
I think it definitely is DMA/PIO problem.
You running W2k, right? Then that's it.

98/ME/XP don't have this problem IIRC.

17th November 2002, 16:29
Originally posted by WyWyWyWy
I think it definitely is DMA/PIO problem.
You running W2k, right? Then that's it.

98/ME/XP don't have this problem IIRC.

No, I use XP....

17th November 2002, 17:19
win xp has a "feature" , when you click on a multimedia file(right click). it will scan the file and find info about, eg bit rate and stuff/preview..etc But if you have 600M divx file or similar that sux, as it will go to 100% CPU usage while it does this.

There is a registry tweak to stop this occuring I can't recall it at the moment.
This occurs in Winxp, I don't know if MS changed it in sp1.

There has been posts in the past about this and the reg fix, do a search of the fori and you might find it ;)