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12th November 2002, 08:01

A week after seeing the doctor AGAIN, here's how things have played out...

1. Saw primary care doctor. He recommended a low-lactose diet (to help with the symptoms if nothing else), and ordered stool cultures. It's been a week, haven't heard. Called and bitched them out today.

2. Saw a gastroenterologist. He gave me an anti-spasmodic to help with some of the symptoms (it does), reiterated that I should not have any milk products at least for a while (or that I should pop Lactaid pills if I do), and ordered MORE stool samples (and bloodwork). He also wants me to have a colonoscopy if the tests are inconclusive.


Now, in OTHER news, my mom has come down with a very similar disease to what I have. No energy, feel crappy all the time. My Grandmother has it too, to a lesser degree.



- Gurm

12th November 2002, 08:07
I'll trade you my health for yours, looks like you need some time off from it.

12th November 2002, 08:10
Sorry to hear there's still nothing conclusive Gurm.

My sister discovered that she was lactose intolerant when she was in her early 20s - symptoms weren't nearly as bad as yours, but nontheless she was feeling drained the whole time. (And heehee her flatulence has stopped as well since no milk :) Not that I'm saying she was flatulent before you understand...)

12th November 2002, 08:13
Well, the Gastroenterologist had a couple ideas - one being that the food poisoning could have set off a cascade reaction in the small intestine, rendering me unable to absorb nutrients properly, and also causing a lot of the symptoms.

The "cure" for that is time, combined with a more sensible easy-to-digest diet (no milk, lots of fiber).

Other ideas... maybe a parasite, maybe ... God only knows.

- Gurm

12th November 2002, 13:47
I don't know if this is exactly what you might have, but some of the ailments you are complaining about sounds familiar to me. My parents had a medical dictionary at home and what it sounds like is Gardiasis(sp?).
I don't know if you have already been tested for this and apologize if it has already been covered here.
Anyways, here is a link to a few useful PDF's on Gardiasis and Cryptosporidium. http://www.state.ma.us/dph/cdc/gsrman/giardi.pdf

12th November 2002, 16:20
Yep. Giardia is one of the things I'm being tested for.

It's what I had 3 years ago - and I thought it felt similar this time too. :(


The general O/P (Ova and Parasite) screen came back negative. Here's hoping that the Giardia-specific screen and/or the more specific screens that the Gastroenterologist ordered come back with more information. :(

- Gurm

14th November 2002, 05:42
Well, still no news on the other tests.

However, I can happily report that since Saturday (it is now Thursday) I have been sleeping entire nights mostly unaided (still drink the valarian/chamomile tea, but that hardly counts). On Sunday (during our ride home from Massachusetts) I ... wait for it ... SLEPT in the car. Yes, that's right. I slept during the day. Whoa!

Eyes are still messed up, but overall I feel much better. Here's hoping it isn't just another remission before a third 'bout.

Or that the Giardia test is positive and they can treat it. Turns out that in 10% of cases, a second treatment is needed, not due to resistant parasites but simply because the first one was ineffective - especially in people who have had the chronic infection before. :)

- Gurm

14th November 2002, 06:09
Good luck and feel good Gurm :)

14th November 2002, 06:29
This won't cheer you up but maybe this could be your problem too. Three years ago I was having back pains that would extend all the way to my front stomach area. I was first diagnosed with Diverticulitis, being only 35, I told them that they were full of it. Then it went to colonitis and on from there, over 100 different tests were done to find out what was causing the pain. It got so bad at one time that I was throwing up blood, and couldn't eat anything or drink anything. I was thrown into the hospital for 5 days where they had me doped up on morphine and did so many other tests. I had so many pock marks from needles I looked like a junkie coming from a 1000 day party. Needless to say they finally did a urine test and found out that I had blood in my urine, which lead to an IVP test and x-ray of my kidneys where they found a 15 mm kidney stone. This lasted for over 2 years, and I feel like a guinea pig.

Anyways, I know this sounds ridiculous, but most of the symptoms you are telling me, I had. I had all the tests you are describing and they all come back negative. Believe me I am so glad to have gotten rid of those darn little buggers. My life has been so much more healthier.

Liquid Memory

Here's to hoping you feel alot better.

14th November 2002, 08:08

Thanks. I have a kidney/gallbladder ultrasound scheduled, just to make sure it isn't one of these issues. ;)

And a colonoscopy (which I'd REALLY love to avoid, but am afraid I probably can't) to rule out diverticul**is.

- Gurm