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11th November 2002, 06:38
I was working (ahem) away and then this poped up.


This is what's running in my task bar.


Any ideas? :confused:

11th November 2002, 06:57
Yes, that is a new form of spam that is showing up now that Windows XP is more propular. Windows 9x you needed to run WinPopup or something similar to get these messages.

All you need to do to annoy someone is

C:\>net send [IP_Address] "SPAM"

To stop this you need to stop the Messenger service. By default it is set to Automatic. Also, your firewall isn't blocking access to the ports that are used by the Messenger service (think its port 139 or something like that).

To stop this from showing up reconfigure your firewall or disable the Messenger Service using the Services Administrator Tool.

11th November 2002, 06:58

You need to disable the messenger service under the services window. Its simply winpopup is being used by spammers now to spam poor internet users who forget to disable the messenger service.

Don't worry, we got one of those too :D

11th November 2002, 07:00
You can read more about this at the following link:Windows PopUP SPAM (http://www.mynetwatchman.com/kb/security/articles/popupspam/index.htm).

11th November 2002, 07:06
Ah! It's a fresh build of XP... I knew there was something that i'd forgotten to do!

11th November 2002, 07:08
FYI tcp/udp/135

Cheers! :D

11th November 2002, 07:11
What I want to know is, why hasn't somebody caught up with this guy yet, and ripped his arms off and beaten him to death with the soggy ends.

After prOn this guy has to be the next biggest chunk of bandwidth used on the net

11th November 2002, 11:25
Ah that was the spam i was getting in my hotmail account. However I object violence in general I totaly agre with Sasq on this one.

11th November 2002, 15:04
Why is that only one person (or company) using this method to spam?

11th November 2002, 15:08
because, for some reason this man/company leads a charmed life, and no one has managed to get to him yet.

No, one else seems to have the death wish.