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10th November 2002, 08:54
Well, christmas comes very slowly in sight, also I managed to get some more money. Now I am about to ditch my crappy Fujitsu C771 17" screen and replace it with a better one. Now the question is which one to get, there are a couple of screens I looked at:
- Samsung 757p
- Samsung 757 DFX (flat)
- CTX PR 711 F
- LG Flatron 795FT
- Iiyama HM704UTc

I know many of you would say get a Cornerstone, but I doubt I can get them here in germany and I think they would be too expensive for me.

Anyways, here is what I got so far.
The first Samsung screen is the cheapest of those monitors, but it doesn't have a flatscreen, I am not sure if that would be much of a disadvantage, since image quality is most important for me. I heard good things about the 757p, but I found only one review...

The second Samsung has a flat tube, but from some user reports over at CNET, it doesn't stanhd in a good light. Most people said that the image isn't good at all. I haven't found any reviews though.

The CTX one is interesting, I never heard about that CTX company, but according to a review over at PC Advisor (http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/index.cfm?go=hardware.view&product=943) it is a good monitor.

The LG one seems to be ok from the reviews I've read, but those reviews have been extremely short (one page :eek: ).

Last one would be the Iiyama HM704UTC, I haven't found any reviews yet, but I heard only mixed things about Ilyama screens in the ~300 US$ () class.

10th November 2002, 10:27
As far as samsungs go, their IFT and NF series are the ones to look at....

Here are some others I'd add to the list:

Samsung 700IFT
Samsung 700NF
Philips 107P

10th November 2002, 10:39
Thanks, I'll have a look at them!
The most important things of a monitor for me would be:
- Good image quality
- should be able to do 1280x1024@85Hz
- Shouldn't cost more than 330

10th November 2002, 12:56
Originally posted by K6-III
Samsung 700IFT
Samsung 700NF
Philips 107P
Can't find the 700NF anywhere, just the 765NF, any idea if that one has about the same quality?

10th November 2002, 13:41
If you do a search you will find lots of advice on good screens, that's easier.

11th November 2002, 07:00
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11th November 2002, 13:06
103-er fan, I will not recommend particular monitor (based on other people's experience and my own i'd go Mitsubishi/NEC SB), my fellow Dannish arsian (from Arstechnica) had wery good experience with www.monitorsdirect.de (the link is currently down.).

Also Jim Witkowski from monitorsdirect.com posts regularly in Arstechnica A/V forum by the nick gosharks (he sigs his posts by his real name).

11th November 2002, 13:09
Jim Witkowsky aka GoSharks is also a registered member here

Very nice guy, talked with him via here, email and on the phone many times.

11th November 2002, 15:10

I'd avoid the 765. It is NOT a NF CRT.


11th November 2002, 15:55
Thanks for all the advices, I am currently looking in the Philips 107P20, and some Mitsubishi/NEC screens, I hope I can buy a new one soon :)
The monitorsdirect site is down at the moment, I hop it will be back up soon!

12th November 2002, 04:02
Sorry for the wrong link (Me posting links by memory).


Here's the thread (http://arstechnica.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?a=tpc&s=50009562&f=67909965&m=3120982135) i talked about.

Here's a nifty product selector (http://www.monitorsdirect.com/before/mon_select/product_selector.shtml) from monitorsdirect.

12th November 2002, 08:37
try reading these (http://forums.murc.ws/search.php?s=&action=showresults&searchid=58743&sortby=lastpost&sortorder=descending).

13th November 2002, 17:48
The guy in the thread I posted just RMAd his monitor: see results:


19th November 2002, 13:11
Ok, after some thinking, I my decission is the Philips 107P20, because it is one of the only good screens posted here which I can get ;)
I will order it within the next three weeks, can't wait for it :)