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9th November 2002, 09:43

Currently my setup is made of a G400 and G450 PCI (on a darn via chipset...) to drive a 19" and a 24" (Sony w900 the model before the fw 900).

My questions are :

Is a plasma screen any good to be used on a daily basis as a computer monitor (I saw some of them able of doing 1366*768 which is quite close to the current resolution of my 24" 1376*768) ? In terms of brightness, stability and so on ?

How is it considered by Matrox hardware (G450/G400 and Parhelia), is it a TV (I think so) or a computer screen ?
What about the refresh rates then ?

Same questions for a video projector : is it possible to use one as a screen replacement, what are the drawbacks, is it considered a TV or a computer screen ?

Thanks for any advices/help :-)

9th November 2002, 10:00
It is possible, and the refreshrates shouldn't be a problem. But the drawback IMO is that the screen is to big to be comfortable to use when you're browsing on the net or just doing any other 2d work. And ain't that res on your 24"(which screen is it BTW?) a little bit low?

But for movies and games, there's nothing better than a plasma I guess. My conclusion is that it would make an excellent 2nd screen, although an extremely expensive one.

If you decide to get one, make shure it's a 3rd generation plasma.

9th November 2002, 10:52
Compaq P1610, which is in fact a Sony w 900 with a compaq logo.
My resolution is quite low because the G450 PCI (16 megs and on a via chipset, ie no busmaster) can't do hardware overlay properly if I set a higher one...

You think a plasma would not be comfortable to do some 2D work ? but why ? Because of the low resolution in regard of the size of the screen ?

Btw, what are the differences between plasma generations, and how can i check that a screen is a 3rd gen product ?

Thanks :-)

9th November 2002, 17:22
surround plasma pr0n??? :D :D :D thats gotta be so nice...

Anyway I don't think you can confortably use a plasma for primary display. They are just too big you have to literally move your head when browsing. And, the crispness of plasma ain't that good IMO.