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8th November 2002, 10:38
Hi all,

I want to import my minidisc recordings to my computer. Does anyone know of any minidisc drives. One of the sony vario computers has a minidisc drive. But I can't seem to find any mention of it online. I want to import the audio files to computer to manipulate in wavlab. Thanks
ps I want to keep them digital, and not import them analogue thru the soundcard. Nunchal

8th November 2002, 11:13
There aren't any MiniDisc true drives. Sony promised them when they first came out with the technology, but then the entertainment wing came down hard on the component wing. You'll find some external MiniDisc drives, but they hook up to the computer for control purposes, and still have audio I/O connections. They can't be seen as a drive, and are only accessible through Sony's SoundStage app, which is a copy-protection hassle.

Get a soundcard with a digital input and record from there.