View Full Version : problem with premiere 6.5 / DV / marvel g450 etv

7th November 2002, 16:19
When i capture via DV Sony i can see the movie (DV Mainconcept) but when i drag the movie on the timeline Premiere crashes... :(

Any suggest ? thank you!


What is the best software configuration for my marvel g450 etv for capturing in better quality ?

sorry for the awful english! :)

Athlon XP 1800, 512 mb ram, 100 gb hd/7200, Matrox Marvel g450 etv, DV Firewire sony

Dr Mordrid
7th November 2002, 19:07
If you're importing DV type 1 clips into Premiere 6.5 then it will crash....IN FLAMES. This is because Premiere only supports DV type 2 on its timeline. The fix is to use DV type 2 clips.

Dr. Mordrid

8th November 2002, 14:14
uhmmmmm, i've tryed to convert it but it crashes......