View Full Version : Asus P4SDX (SiS555/963 w/dual channel DDR333)

Dr Mordrid
7th November 2002, 08:10

Looks like another very cool SiS based MB.

This time for Intel's Hyper-Threading enabled P4 CPU's (after Decembers production), 6x USB 2.0, 6x PCI, 4x dual channel DDR333 (up to 4 gigs), Promise RAID with 1x parallel and 2x SerialATA headers etc. etc..

Dr. Mordrid

7th November 2002, 11:05
Can a motherboard be called beautiful? :D

7th November 2002, 12:49
Originally posted by Dr Mordrid
This time for Intel's HyperTransport enabled P4 CPU's

I guess you mean HyperThreading, right?

BTW, impressive board. This is absolutely not the same SiS I was used to see some years ago.

Edit: msipel

7th November 2002, 13:35
let's see what granite bay has to offer when it's released next week!

7th November 2002, 18:10
Originally posted by ayoub_ibrahim
let's see what granite bay has to offer when it's released next week!

High price, that's for sure, maybe double the P4PE mobos and many manufacturers think if they should jump in the boat.
SIS might just win on price as well as performance (DDR333).

Dr Mordrid
7th November 2002, 18:51
Originally posted by Novdid

I guess you mean HyperThreading, right?

BTW, impressive board. This is absolutely not the same SiS I was used to see some years ago.

Edit: msipel

Correct....my typo....but I agree about this MB/chipset being impressive or even "beautiful" :)

That said I can't even wait to see what MSI does with this chipset :eek: :eek:

Nope....it most certainly isn't the SiS of just a couple of years ago. They have come a LONG ways....

Dr. Modrdid

7th November 2002, 19:12
Yea, may I re-emphasis what good SiS does for us...

1. Very low price
2. Excellent stability
3. Not bad performance
4. Decent functionality

Basically as good as Intel chipset with 1/2 the price.
Not as fast as VIA but who cares for that 2% speed?

Dr Mordrid
7th November 2002, 19:23
Actually SiS chipsets are much faster when it comes to PCI bus bandwidth.

VIA maxes out (or is that chokes?) at about 65 MB/s while SiS maxes out around 100 MB/s....which is very close to IBM's level of PCI/33 performance.

This is no small deal when you're using multiple high bandwidth PCI cards like RAID's, video editing boards (esp. realtime ones) or those bus-hogging Creative sound cards.

Dr. Mordrid

8th November 2002, 07:32
Why does the chipset need to be HT-aware? Isn't it all within the CPU?

Since this thread got bumped, I'll answer my own question; with HT on, the CPU has two local APICs, and the chipset needs to know this to route interrupts properly.

On another note, the edgeways connectors are a really neat idea.

4th December 2002, 03:04
Are there any news about motherboards with SIS655 chipset in general / this ASUS board in particular?
I am searching the net from time to time but I could not find any new infos / previews at all.

4th December 2002, 06:22
In general, I think Q1 next year (next year (http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=6541) anyway)
On the Intel side, the Granite Bay turned not to be AGP 3.0 compliant (http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=6499).

4th December 2002, 21:01
i am getting the impressing that asus, like many other manufacteurs, like to work with intel for the P4 platform. when it comes to high end amd boards, VIA KTs is what they like. if VIA fixes their problematic PCI controllers... then they do rock, but apparently they dun want to fix it at all. Shame that SiS has not been considered as the mainstream. unlike the past sis is getting pretty good these few years. i was very happy with my A7S333, especially when i looked at the price tag. Too bad sis didn't implant dual channel DDR 400(even tho we all know it's slower than 333). feature wise SiS is getting very close to VIA these days. however, personally, something in my brian still say go for intel chipsets when building a intel based rig, even tho their feature really sucks, but i guess they are rocksolid stable.

P.S. the granite bay AGP issue: yet another thing that can stop me from buying intel chips, even tho we know AGP 3.0 is useless. (unless you are working with 128/256+ MB of textures of course

5th December 2002, 00:16
According to this (german) news


I found today, the mass production of MBs with SIS655 chipset will start in Feb. 2003. So no chance indeed to see theese MBs very soon.