View Full Version : Suggestions for high quality 17" crt?

6th November 2002, 07:40
I am looking for 2 17" crt's to replace my sony 17se2. ( no room for anything larger) to compliment my parhelia
any suggestions?
Mostly used for CAD work, desktop video, and some games.
Thanks in advance.

6th November 2002, 07:42
I think Veiwsonic is a very good brand or if you can then Eizo :)
I'll get you some model number's as suggestions.

6th November 2002, 08:19
Everyone else here will say Cornerstone. Unfortunately you cant get them in the UK as their regional suppliers are CR*P (Ask The Pit). But as you're in far-off Canuckdia that wont be an issue.

Personally I fly the flag for Iiyama. Had a VM Pro 410 17" that would run 1600x1080x32bit@90hz and a display so sharp you could shave with it. It even puts my current VM Pro 454 19" to shame.

Edit : Got the model numbers wrong. D'Oh!

6th November 2002, 08:29
Mitsubishi/NEC SB tubes

6th November 2002, 08:55
Iiyama all the way for me. Cornerstones are out as I live in Europe.

Iiyama or Cornerstone, that's what I suggest.

6th November 2002, 09:32
MAG makes some good monitors for a good price. Princeton Graphics are okay, too.

There are several Cornerstone distributors in Europe, but they don't make 17" anymore...at least not that they have listed.

European distributor list:


European Sales:



6th November 2002, 09:38
Yep, seems they don't offer a 17". There is a canadian distributer though - just don't think a 2 19's will fit my desk.
Haven't found anyone in my area that carries Iiyama.

Anyone have any experience with viewsonics?

Electric Amish
6th November 2002, 09:42
Personally, I don't really care for Viewsonics. We've bought a lot here at work and the quality, IMO, isn't that great.

I recommend KDS and Cornerstone.


6th November 2002, 10:14
Sony makes some nice 17" monitors too, although some might call them overpriced, but quality costs...

edit: just noticed what it is going to replace, so you probably know this already.

Dr Mordrid
6th November 2002, 10:18
Quality? I had two $$$$ Sony's die on me in 6 months :mad:

I replaced them with ViewSonics, which have served me very well.

Dr. Mordrid

6th November 2002, 10:28
Originally posted by Dr Mordrid
Quality? I had two $$$$ Sony's die on me in 6 months :mad:

I replaced them with ViewSonics, which have served me very well.

Dr. Mordrid

?? been using 4 17seII's for over 4 years now (3 for work running 15hr days) not had one problem yet! (ok these were close to 1400 cndn when I bought them)

Trick: if you buy a sony, look on the back and make sure you get one that says "Made in Japan", as the ones made in mexico are CRAP!

Dr Mordrid
6th November 2002, 10:46
Mine were Japanese :rolleyes:

Dr. Mordrid

6th November 2002, 14:55
Ok, looks like not too many manufacturers make a decent quality 17 anymore. Sooooo, after careful measurement I MAY be able to squeeeeze 2 19's - except my poor atmel development board may have to be shuffled over to my laptop :( . Ah, the sacrifices one must make!

My main concern with any monitor is useing it for CAD. Even within the same model ranges I have found a great variance in convergence. This requires either a convergence adjustment on the front panel, or a monitor that is meticulously adjusted at the factory. Also I have found that the convergence will vary thru the position on the screen. I HATE it when a single line looks like two of different colours - this is not a good thing as most of my work is done with vector drawings.

If anyone is using a monitor for the same purpose and is very happy with it, pls let me know.