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4th November 2002, 13:58
For all us Conspiracy Theory believers, here are a few questions to prod your brain with.

Have the Oil companies denied us the right to better running engines and in so doing, created global warming?

The HAARP project bounces a 3.6 gigawatt laser beam off the atmosphere to talk to submarines under water, is this causing the whales to beach themselves due to the loss of the air sack caused by the super heated nature of the laser beam?

Is there really an alien space craft at Area 51 or was Area 51 used to create the Moon Landing Hoax?

Have we had the technology for a cleaner fuel and its been held back due to the loss of money that it would create?

Jon P. Inghram
4th November 2002, 14:32
I love the HAARP thing... they're so evil they even have a webcam at the site. :)

4th November 2002, 14:38
Lets see thats like taking 18,000,000 2000 watt microwaves and putting them together. Scary stuff if it bounces off something in its projected path and ends up hitting land. Honey did you get that sunblock 2000 by coppertone, they just announced that they messed up again.

Our world wasn't founded by idiots, its just ran by em.

4th November 2002, 16:40
It's not the loss of money, it's the PROHIBITIVE COST.

Sure, that's not conspiracy theory - it's plain ol' greed.

Occam's razor - the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

- Gurm

4th November 2002, 17:02
Yeah but think Money is a conspiracy, its no longer backed by the gold reserve. It hasn't been for a long time.

4th November 2002, 17:15
in the begining was money backed by the gold reserve? and is the USD the only currency in the world?


4th November 2002, 17:30
No, the first currency was caesar and his reign of terror. The Love of money is the root to all evil, and our society in whole definately loves money.

4th November 2002, 17:31
Bwhahahaha NO your forgeting other cultures that are not "Western".

4th November 2002, 17:34
Ok, I see your point, maybe they have the true way to live in society and we all live in a dream world.

4th November 2002, 17:38
Actually currency is just an extension of the age old practice of bartering and trading. It also existed long long before Caesar's time.

The love of money is not the root of all evil. There really is no "root" of all evil, as evil is entirely based on the perceptions of those who deem this or that evil. To blame any one emotion or physical (or virtual) possesion as being the root of everything that is evil is just ignorant and is passing the blame from ourselves unto something else.

4th November 2002, 17:39
Hey Liquid,

Enough already. You should be able to tell be the poll results that all you are doing is pissing into the wind. Please take your Conspiracy Theory crap somewhere else.