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31st October 2002, 09:07
For all those who work in technical support or have worked in tech support, ever get the one customer who keeps calling like 7 times a day just to harrass the techs or just because he or she is really pathetically lonely?

We have this customer and his name is Guy Martin. He has 5 laptops and no life. He'll call in for the stupidest reasons. Ex: After owning his main system for more than a year he decides to call in and complain that his ~ key is not in the same spot as the one on his HP system and requests that our Engineering departement should make him one specifically for him. Or he'll call one tech and ask about his ISP info and when he tells him that we don't support him on that then he'll call back in and get a different tech. Yet instead of a different problem he'll start complaining about the last tech! :rolleyes:

Sometimes he'll even call in to format and re-install, but he'll do it with a different tech each time (that makes 5 format re-installs in one day on one system)!!!:mad:

I hate this retard, he's about 60 years old and he's an Audio Prothesist in Laval. He knows what he's doing and 99% of all the troubleshooting we do with him he already knows how to fix! So basically he's a rich very lonely pathetic old man with about five 4000$ laptops from a bunch of different companies. But he owns 3 systems from us, one from HP and another from Fujitsu.

We try and keep our cool and stay professional when we talk to this guy except today I told him off, and I told him that I didn't want to hear his complaints. I lost it, I couldn't take anymore of that guy's crap. He constantly lies to us and often gets the same part replaced 6 times in a week! And he gets it replaced because he's just too picky. Like his damn dvd player, the 3rd time we replaced it for him he got a faster dvd player but instead of being happy he complained until he got his original dvd back. :rolleyes:

I could get fired for yelling at him but I don't care, it was either that or I hang up on the guy which I could get fired for doing too! I'm fed up with him. I can't stand talking to him anymore, and the minute he lies or complains I'm going to tell him off once more. In 2 years I'm the first person with enough guts to do what everybody has been wanting to do for along time. That made me feel better today except I'm still annoyed. (he has called about 600 times in all in 2 years)

Hopefully after that he'll stop calling us today. I can expect him to get over it and call back in a week. It never ends...

31st October 2002, 09:10
For all those who work in Tech Support: QUIT JOUR JOB :)
anyway this Mr. Martin sounds like fun.

31st October 2002, 09:17
He's a blast! My manger finds this guy to be amusing and quality control loves to listen to these calls but the techs hate him with a passion! :D

Did I also mention that whenever he talks to a different tech he absolutely has to insult the last one?


31st October 2002, 09:25
Sorry, Zokes, But I do not miss tech support at all! You need to move up to Sys Admin work, then the only complaints you get are from machines..:D

And when they talk back, you "Fix" them until they do what you want...:p

I feel for you... I could only do phone tech support for about 3 months, before I went postal...

Sounds like it is time to find this guy and cut his phone line...

Dr Mordrid
31st October 2002, 09:34
Can't you have his number blocked?

Dr. Mordrid

31st October 2002, 09:50
Tell him to take his personal problems to shrink and leave you alone, as you are not qualified to help his mental conditions.


31st October 2002, 09:56
Byock: I think he has 2 phone lines even though he lives alone.

Dr.Mordrid: Unfortunetely, as long as he owns ONE of our systems we are forced to help him if he calls in. :(

Jam: He'd probably end up taking us to court for that. It's like I said to Dr.Mordrid, as long as he owns a system from us there's not a whole lot we can do.

We tried to get him banned but instead of cutting off his service, but the company thought that they could buy him off by getting him a new laptop!!! At that time we thought it was over but one month later he bought another system (he's bought in all about 8 laptops from us and returned 5) and started calling back in with the new one. *uhg *

31st October 2002, 10:05
I know that guy!!

But I wasen't aware that he survived the assasination attempt and moved to canada :rolleyes:

31st October 2002, 10:07

Sorry. I remember the type from Gateway. Have him download "Bonzai Buddy" for someone to talk to ;)

On the upside, at least then he'll be calling in with valid issues after it hoses ie :cool:

31st October 2002, 10:07
Originally posted by Technoid
I know that guy!!

But I wasen't aware that he survived the assasination attempt and moved to canada :rolleyes:

Hehe, I don't want him dead, I just want to steal his laptops fo myself! That way he has no system he can call in for! Muahaha! :devious:

Vwdrivrco: Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! If he install Bonzy Buddy he'll never STOP calling!!!! :eek:

31st October 2002, 13:01
Ahh the solution is easy. Just pretend to be an answering machine. "I'm sorry theres no one available to take your call etc etc" and say that every time he rings up. :D :D :D

31st October 2002, 13:12
Originally posted by The PIT
Ahh the solution is easy. Just pretend to be an answering machine. "I'm sorry theres no one available to take your call etc etc" and say that every time he rings up. :D :D :D

Hehe, three things wrong with that: Number one, if I used your rebuttal he would still hear the backround noises, number two, we can't hang up until the customer does first, and finally, if quality control heard that call I'd be fired! :D:D

31st October 2002, 14:25
Get yourself one of these!

31st October 2002, 14:30
Yeah, I'd have one at my desk and it would tell the customer this: "Sorry, your I.Q. is not sufficient enough for you to fix your computer, please hang up and contact customer care!" Hehe, that would be cool, then again we wouldn't get very many calls!! :p

31st October 2002, 14:35
When ever that happens with us, we just put a note in the tracker in red saying we can no longer support this customer as he has exceeded his call time with us and to tell him to contact his comp manuf. I love it when I see one of those. :D

31st October 2002, 14:40
I've just applied for 3 jobs in tech support :)

31st October 2002, 15:48
i dont exactly work for a company as tech suport.... but unfortunatly people know me and have my number....... i have at least 18 regular callers...... maybe i should start charging them..... some of them are as anoying as hell, they tend to blame the designe of a certain program on me...... hay this is how the program is designed i cant help it.. take it up with he company who wrote the damnd thing....... but still the calls keep comming ...... i really should strat charging... :(

31st October 2002, 16:06
SpiralDragon, I know your problem. I had some of these guys too. But when i told them where they could find the information they need and no longer explained everything to them, they call less frequently, and sometimes when they call they have more difficult questions..

31st October 2002, 16:06
i know what you're talking about SpiralDragon. most of them just call me because they are too lazy to work on the problem themselves. usually i tell them: most of the time the problem is IN FRONT of the computer. now i get less and less calls on computer problems :)

31st October 2002, 16:24
thop: i tell them that too but using the folowing phrase: a dummy behind a computer is worse than a virus :D

as for telling them to go elsewhere for their problems ... well things are somewhat difrent here in lebs..... tech suport is hard to find (good and bad) :( kind of related to weird way people do business here....

1st November 2002, 08:57
I hear ya. I think all of us have a group of people that think we are their personal tech support...:rolleyes:

1st November 2002, 09:19
Ever since I started work in a real tech support job those personal calls have gone down dramatically. It could also be because I fixed their problems and thought them what to do in case it happens again! :)