View Full Version : EU hits Nitendo with 168m fine for price fixing.

30th October 2002, 09:40
And AOL/Time Warner plus other companies are next in line, suspected of forming a cartel to raise the price of DVDs.


Does this mean the EU is actually good for something?

30th October 2002, 10:45
maybe nintendo will raise the prices (even further). at least they have a good excuse now. :)


30th October 2002, 13:11
DVD Price? :eek: :eek:

That is nothing aginst the CD prices :rolleyes:

THat would be something for EU to hunt :D

31st October 2002, 03:03
I agree Technoid!!! Yes indeed!!!

31st October 2002, 03:36
I don't think DVD's are overpriced in sweden....
they cost from 8$ to 25$.......

CD's on the other habd don't go lower than 15$ unless they are baaad quality..
and usualy they are 17$ to 21$ :eek: :eek:

Compared to the fact that DVD's cost more to produce manufacture etc etc etc and that they are dropping in price CD's are d*** expensive especialy since prices are slowly rising :eek: :eek:

31st October 2002, 05:02
CD prices are so high because everyone pirates music and swaps MP3 files over the internet, hence they buy less CDs and the RIAA has to find the money to pay their lawyers to try and shut all the filesharers down from somewhere. ;)
So if the RIAA wasnt having to fund its lawsuits against everyone who'd ever seen a computer, they could afford to lower the prices of CDs. And if CD prices were lower, people wouldnt be so inclined to swap MP3s rather than buy the original CD. :D

Its nothing at all to do with large numbers of modern artists being manufactured commercial entities with little real talent releasing a carefully hyped album of 2 good songs and 12 crap ones written by someone in an office somewhere whos insulated from the real world by a mile or two of cotton wool.



31st October 2002, 05:29
the CD prices was hitting the roof 6 years ago :rolleyes:

31st October 2002, 07:03
I was being sarcastic :D

31st October 2002, 07:18
Ofcoarse I knew that ;)

I was being pesimistic :D