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29th October 2002, 16:54
So it's been 3 months since Julie and I were apart for more than 12 hours (and that time I went to visit my parents, so it wasn't just me alone with Logan - we've NEVER had her go away leaving me along with Logan)... and it's interesting - with all the ups and downs that a marriage goes through, and with all the times that one or both of us goes "I'm sick of this shit", one simple fact remains.

I miss her so much that I want to cry, I don't know what to do with myself, and all I want is to hold her.

She's gone until tomorrow, and I already know I won't get anything done between now and then other than sleep... and probably not much of that when you get right down to it.

Logan is taking it better than me, although he wants to be held... won't go to bed yet, and won't get out of my lap.

Just so you all know - when you wonder whether you've found the right person, when you wonder whether it's all worth it... find out what you'd be like without them. That ought to answer it for you.

- Gurm, 21 hours to go.

29th October 2002, 16:54
some sport might work wonders ;)

29th October 2002, 16:57
Sport? As in "does she like sport, eh? eh?" or as in Athletic Endeavor?

The former happened last night and won't again until tomorrow night. The latter is unlikely due to it being 7PM, me having a kid to watch, and the weather outside having gone from "damn cold" to "look, snow" in the course of an hour.

- Gurm

29th October 2002, 17:08
Gurm I feel for ya. Me and the other half hadn't been apart for more than about 4 days at a time in over 3 years... until the end of July when I came back from Chile and she carried on to Australia to go travelling. She was meant to be out in that part of the world (NZ, SE Asia) until January, and I was going to go out for Christmas (v little holiday left for 2002!!). But I cracked and got really miserable, so flew her back to the UK for 2 weeks! It was really great - she went back just over a week ago, but I am still on a high... and missing her billions at the same time. I will next see her in Vietnam (!).

Whilst she was back we made some, *ahem* decisions about our future. :D But it's a secret so no one can know...

I am much happier now - but retail therapy (well, my version - 2 new screens) works wonders.

Hang in there buddy - it sometimes is nice to be reminded how much you love someone, even if it is nasty at the time. But I sure do understand your loneliness. And when you say you know it's right... I know what you mean as well. :)

- Gnep

29th October 2002, 17:28
No work huh? :( Just kidding, you know I can relate and if you feel like just laying around all day then go right ahead bud! :D

Heck, even I miss Julie... it was so boring at work without her to talk to :p

29th October 2002, 17:29
Thanks Gnep.

- Gurm

29th October 2002, 17:31
I hope your not complaining Gurm. 21 hours is nothing. Some of us don't have (or have NEVER had) what you have with Julie.

Hang in there though, if you both love each other than it's worth the wait me thinks. That and the more you keep thinking about it the worse it gets. :)

29th October 2002, 17:54
This is your punishment for actually having a life. :D

29th October 2002, 18:22
Gurm, I know the feeling.
every now and then I send the rest of the family away to the outlaws' (inlaws as I prefer to call them) cottage for a few days to give me some time alone with my projects.
It isn't more than a day before I start missing them .
It's hard when you are so used to having them there on a daily basis.

It's funny though, how much more amorous (or sporty) my wife is after we've been apart a few days.
P.S. how much had you been drinking to make you write this sappy stuff?? :)

29th October 2002, 20:36
Until you find a person that you really like you obviously don't know what you're missing, cuz I feel just fine...
Bah, some people like company while others don't. I'm one of those that are social enough if need be but can easily do a few weeks without talking to other people. That is considered typical behavior in a Finnish male. Except for the social bit :D

29th October 2002, 20:54
I really REALLY need to move to Finland.. all those fine Finnish babes and you Finnish guys won't leave the house! ;)

30th October 2002, 08:11
Who says that we don't leave the house?
Naw, in Finland you can (just to mention a few things) go shopping, travel on public transports, visit libraries, sit in cafes and restaurants and go on university lectures without ever saying a word. We're not very much into smalltalk here, you see :D

<small>One would think that our interpretation of non-verbal communication would've improved because of that. Sadly, this is not the case.</small>

30th October 2002, 08:46
Hmm, wonder if I was switched with a finnish kid at birth....

30th October 2002, 08:58
And strangely enough, Finland has most mobile phones :D

30th October 2002, 09:04
Hey Gurm, at least you can play computer games all night long without feeling guilty for letting her sleep alone ;)

Seriously, Alice and I are 'together' for about two and a half years out of which we've been physicly together less than 6 months. I know how it feels.

On the other hand we currently have "rich people's trouble". At least we have our one and only and we're just waiting for her to return. It's like little children afraid to go to sleep on their own yet slowly build the confidence their parets will be there tomorrow morning as usual. At least you can comfort yourself knowing she'll be there in a few hours :classic:.

Corran Horn
30th October 2002, 09:04
Where's my bucket? There's too much sap coming out from this thread!

30th October 2002, 09:06
Didn't your mommy ever teach you any manners :p