View Full Version : Asus iPanel help???

26th October 2002, 04:03
I got hold of an iPanel for my A7M266-D a few weeks ago, but I can't get it happily intergrated into my system.

Whenever I connect it, my USB v90 modem wont connect to my ISP. It dials fine, just wont connect. I cant find anything funny going on with the resources.

Any ideas?:confused:

26th October 2002, 06:31
Try www.asusboards.com -They even have an iPanel section. Seems like a pretty buggy thing, but I still want to get one :)

26th October 2002, 10:00
In fact, it is buggy! I got a basic one (w/o audio connectors) and whenever the display refreshes (either automatically or manually triggered), the system hangs completely for about a second. However, there are some solutions on www.asusboards.com , you can get rid of most of the problems by soldering a new cable.

27th October 2002, 05:29
cheers lads! I'll pop over now!

28th October 2002, 01:36
Got it working, but i have to disable the BIOS auto refresh...
I'll se if it's any better in my other rig.

28th October 2002, 04:27
No, it's the same on all mobos. I've got a P4B266-E...

28th October 2002, 04:48

Cheers for the headsup!

28th October 2002, 04:53
What exactly does the BIOS auto-refresh do and what do u lose by disabling it?

28th October 2002, 04:58
AFAIK it is supposed to refresh the display on the iPanel at a regular interval. Although I have never got it to work...

28th October 2002, 06:29
So if it's disabled it just shows you the same temp until it gets refreshed?! Doesn't that make the panel, ya know...useless?!

28th October 2002, 06:41
hence the :rolleyes:

28th October 2002, 08:49
Well I will definitely reconsider in that case.....I may be an ASUS fan(atic), but still...i don't want to just have something pretty that does absolutely nothing, I mean, getting a panel only so I can press the e-mail and web buttons....sheesh! :rolleyes: