View Full Version : link to forum from main page

18th October 2002, 18:23
hello guys,

the "FORUM" link on the top bar of the main index page at http://www.murc.ws is not exactly a link that brings us here right?

it has been like this for 1/2 a year and i wonder is it me alone who notices this "mistake" ? :confused:

18th October 2002, 18:45
ok, i just chked. in fact ALL the links do not bring us to where it is supposed to... :D

18th October 2002, 19:18
The links work for me.

18th October 2002, 19:33
diewlei: they just bring you to the right place in the navigation/link bar on the right. from there you have to click the real link.

kruzin he means the links on the top of the MURC page (not the forums). they all link to www.murc.ws/#Forums .../#Reviews etc.

18th October 2002, 19:42
I was looking at the nav bar on the right, not the top menu...

19th October 2002, 10:52
omg. i finally see the light. thanks guys. ;)

19th October 2002, 11:16
I've always thought the behavior of the Forums link is kind of strange. When you come to MURC for the first time, you don't necessarily understand how it works. But when you do then maybe it saves a few seconds for the modem folks that know which forum they want to visit.