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18th October 2002, 14:53

time to replace my 80GB IBMs with this baby :)

18th October 2002, 15:47
Wait for the SERIAL ATA version of it.
Provided plans also include a SATA motherboard or a SATA PCI controller.

18th October 2002, 15:51
i don't need the extra performance. plus i have no sata mobo and can't even put a sata controller in my system since the EPIA hasonly one PCI Slot which is already occupied by a 3C905C NIC :) it is for my linux system.

but yes the SATA versions looks sweet, 8MB Cache and lower access time.

18th October 2002, 16:00
Yeah, but I was under the impression that SATA drives could be fitted with adapters to work on IDE connectors. Maybe I'm wrong, but it would be handy.

18th October 2002, 16:35
Yeah, think I saw a test of a WD sATA in an IDE system.

And who says sATA is faster?

19th October 2002, 01:15
Originally posted by Pace
And who says sATA is faster?
It is faster, less CPU utilisation.

19th October 2002, 04:53
Well the bus speed is faster (150MB/s SATA vs. 133MB/s PATA), but where does the lower CPU utilisation come from?

19th October 2002, 06:25
From the SATA Faerie of course.

19th October 2002, 07:09
no the SATA is is not the same drive, it is kinda the BARRACUDA V+. lower access time, 8MB cache.

19th October 2002, 14:23
Not even slightly interested untill the warranty goes back to three years from one
A one year warrenty on a hard dirve is ridiculous.
As in "deserving of ridicule".

19th October 2002, 14:58
Does IBM have a 3 year warranty?
My current IBM ICL30? is not supposed to be used 24/7 !!

19th October 2002, 15:07
I think the only 3 year warranty drives are from Samsung, the WD 8MB Cache, and maybe the Maxtor DiamondMax. Correct me if I am wrong BTW.

19th October 2002, 15:43
It's the MaxPlus, I think.

19th October 2002, 15:53
Yeah I wasn't sure about Maxtor, does anybody know any other IDE drives w/ a 3 year warranty?

19th October 2002, 17:43
2 years of warranty for me :)

20th October 2002, 10:44
Samsung has chosen to keep their 3 year warranty across the board as an advantage over thier competitors...

Maxtor enterprise line...

WD SE series...