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17th October 2002, 08:44
Does anyone know where I can get one from? I just bought a g400 max on ebay :) but wanted to play the enhanced version of Expendable and I have leads, a posh manual and no disc (the seller did say that it did not come with one - he didnt have it anymore). So does anyone have a disc they can sell me - original not copy please

17th October 2002, 12:13

You can get the update over a M.

17th October 2002, 12:21
unfortunately I bought a g400 vanilla first time around and dont have the game either... thats why I thought I would ask if someone wanted to flog me theirs..

funny avatar by the way

26th October 2002, 06:29
Game? Do you mean techdemo? The supplied techdemo didn't work with my G400, it just crashed, even with new drivers it won't work.

26th October 2002, 07:36
No, he means the environmental mapped bump mapping enhanced version of the game Expendable. It was delivered on the CD that accompanied with retail G400s. In addition to the G400 drivers, the techdemo and Expendable it includes Picture Publisher, Simply 3D, PointCast and the Matrox Software DVD player.
In fact I've got it right here in my hand now, but I doubt I'll be able to throw it all the way to London.

Edit: Okay, so in his second post he was referring to a "normal" version of Expendable which could be updated to the enhanced version using a patch from Matrox.

3rd November 2002, 08:37
Yep the reason why I wanted the cd is the other software and i dont have a copyof expendable... any takers? i will pay :)

3rd November 2002, 12:14
I have on one that you can have for free. I just gave away a computer with a G400-MAX and I still have the original CD. If you are willing to send a stamped and self addressed envelope to Germany then it is yours.