View Full Version : Korean graphic card roundup, Parhelia doing quite well

15th October 2002, 09:07
Darkcrow has published a pretty good roundup of the best vidcards on the market. It's in Korean, but the pictures speak for themselves :)


15th October 2002, 09:15
All I can say is - WOW ! Parhelia rocks !!!

15th October 2002, 09:24
Except the aniso quality. :(

But everything else indeed shows why I bought one and wouldn't swap it for anything else. :)

15th October 2002, 10:36
And my OC'd Parhelia does even better....

15th October 2002, 10:52
Not that it really matters, but does anyone know what drivers they're using?

15th October 2002, 10:54
1.0.8 or however many 0's there are in there not the latest betas but the latest official release.

15th October 2002, 10:59
Hi, Folks

I am youngcrow@darkcrow, this benchmark's author^^
I have two id on the internet .. One is this ID, ohloveme and another is youngcrow @ darkcrow ..

I was extremely supprised at this performance result for testing ..
and its quality is a little weak than other mainstream rich one(its a little disappoinment to me) ..

I think that Parhelia and Radeon 9700 Pro is very good choice for playing UT2003 ..

but obviously, Parhelia is getting stronger ...

15th October 2002, 11:08
Man, I have to say that I appreciate your site. You guys are always among the first with new product announcements, pictures and other stuff like that. Keep up the good work! :)

15th October 2002, 11:25
Your work is appreciated by me as well....

15th October 2002, 11:38
Yes, a very good site. Now, if you had english news.... ;)

Edit: Hrm, Matrox REALLY needs to fix that aniso filtering.... And shouldn't it be faster too?

15th October 2002, 19:51
here is more English readable page for yours


15th October 2002, 23:27

16th October 2002, 02:14
Thanks ohloveme - you're a star!


16th October 2002, 04:44
Thanks ohloveme...

One thing disturbs me about your "picture quality" images though... I'm pretty sure that when you resized those pictures you (probably accidentally) used some sort of pixel interpolation on them... This does not reproduce the real quality of the images, and should be avoided by doing the following when resizing images:

In PhotoShop: Choose "Nearest Neighbor" as the interpolation method.
In Paint Shop Pro: Choose Resize Type as "Pixel resize".
In PhotoPaint: Theoretically, deselecting the "Antialias" checkbox when resampling the image. Didn't work as I tried it, though...

Attached is an image that demonstrates the small but noticeable difference.

16th October 2002, 08:25
Cool, shows that Parhelia really rocks in UT2k3. Also shows how much the "THe way its meant to be played" nvidia commercial means :).

I was just wondering why Parhelia cannot show similar performance in other titles, ie. beating geforce4 ti4600 and coming close to r9700. Afterall UT2k3 is hardly a DX8 title since it doesnt use much advanced pixel/vertex shaders. Was just wondering which part of unreal engine Parhelia likes so much :).

Anyway, hope to see those performance levels on all upcoming games with unreal2 engine :)

16th October 2002, 15:02
It's the 4 TMU's that does it I think. But also note that the Geforce is faster without FSAA.