View Full Version : I don't believe it...

13th October 2002, 12:09
Yes, maybe somebody knows allready my problem, that my Parhelia makes funny sounds and needs to starts in order to work.

May i've find a solution for this:

P.doesn't like my Philips B107E3 Monitor. Today i was by a friend with my PC and put the P on a other Monitor and, WHAT? The PC starts immediately?!

Yes it does. And the nasty sound was away too.

Uh i hate my live! All this excitement in vain!

But why does my Card hate my Philips Monitor?

13th October 2002, 12:22
...what about the monitor cable?

...and for that matter I don't like Phillips either.

Nothing personal!:)

13th October 2002, 12:27
Cant change it :( With Radeon8500 the Monitor works fine :)

Go eBay go, i need a new Monitor ;)

13th October 2002, 14:31
...hehe. Say thank you P, now I have an excuse to get a new cube. :D

13th October 2002, 14:37
Parhelia loves Philips ^^