View Full Version : Here's a good idea (I think).

11th October 2002, 23:01

considering this a video card site, i figured this would be a good idea.

11th October 2002, 23:02
if this site is still in need of money that is... im not exactly up to date on everything that goes on around here.

11th October 2002, 23:33
Perhaps you hadn't noticed...
MURC has no banner ads.
Because we like it that way.

Ant has been kind enough to give us a spam free environment, and if possible, I think we would all prefer to keep it that way.
He has done this out of his own wallet.
The current drive for user contributions is an attempt to keep MURC bannerless.

You see, 10% of nothing is still nothing.
Plastering the site with banners will only create more work for Ant, and reap little or no income for the site.
Be realistic. Nobody here actually buys Mad Onion's NvidiaMark.

12th October 2002, 09:36
i just figured if Ant wasnt accepting donations (like I said I don't know exactly the situation going on here, hence the "I think") this would be a possibility. but if you guys are really that anti-banner then its ok. also, just so you know, i do know 3 people just in my area (2 of which are older people who dont like stealing) who actually bought "nvidia"mark, although im not one of them :p