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1st October 2002, 11:26
I installed MGATweak in Win2k SP1 and it refused to work properly... it recognizes my vanilla G400 and seems to change frequencies and timings, but it does nothing really since all the tests I ran give the same results before and after the O/C.

I copied HWacc.dll and HWaccNT.sys in C:\winnt\system32, I hope that's right...or not ?

MGATweak works greatly in Win98, if it won't work in Win2000 I think I'll go back to the 98...

Another little problem: AGP size is only 16 MB ! Is it a Win2000 feature or a G400 driver issue ?

thanks !

1st October 2002, 12:08
MGA Tweak is designed for Win9x only.

The Aperature issue is a bug in Win2k

2nd October 2002, 02:06
The last version of MGATweak does support WinNT/2k. I also use it with my G400 vanilla overclocked at 295MHz SYSPLL and gain ~10fps in Quake3 at normal details. I use Win2k SP3 though.

Maybe you forget to check "Clock Monitoring" and hit "Apply" after that. So all your test reset the clock to factory settings during 3D initialization.

Yeah, 16MB AGP memory is Win2k bug, not even fixed in SP3. Sigh.....

4th October 2002, 10:36
thanks ! :)

Yes, I saw that after a test session "clock monitoring" setting is unchecked, while it doesn't happen in Win98.

Now my vanilla has a 8x8 cm fan cooling both the "GPU" ( yeah I know it isn't a real GPU ;) ) and the 8 memory chips...

Now I can play with 192 mhz GCLK, 192 mhz MCLK, aggressive timings, 1,50 multiplier !

16 MB is a very big limitation for owners of 16 MB SDRAM cards, recent games require more than 32 MB of ram for texturing !

4th October 2002, 11:20
Heh... shows that everyone misses something at one time or another :)

4th October 2002, 11:36
But there's a time when a man has all he needs...there a time to buy an ATI 9500 PRO and a time to buy an Athlon Thoroughbred based system an place the shiny new card in the AGP slot...

Next december I'll miss nothing concerning PC's and around...:D

5th October 2002, 20:05
The 16MB apeture under 2K/XP is NOT a Windows Bug.

Its a limitation in the G Series driver, doesnt have a GART.

nV and ATi display the correct apeture under 2k/xp i checked this myself, also ati has smartgart system.

I dunno about Parhelia.

Mentioned this to tech supp forums ages ago they not intrested and said it wouldnt affect performance... yeah right. They mentioined the lack of GART attributing to the 16MB reported.

What ver of mgatweak you guys refering to, got it somewhere havent touched it for ages.

above >180 ram clk and i get artifacts, no diff if cooled, -6 micron sdram.

5th October 2002, 20:35
Please by all means tell me more

5th October 2002, 22:08
Told you everything

What more can I tell you?

The only things relevant that comes to mind is 9x driver set has generic intel vgartd VXD but obviously the archecture is comp. different for 9x

and yes the tests >32mb in 3dmark dont work under 2k/xp

oh and when i mean gart thats their word not mine, we all know what gart is for and does... in terms of chipset/os driver....

5th October 2002, 22:49
What I thought you were going to say


6th October 2002, 07:53
What did you want/expect me to say

The driver sux ?